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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg. 8.About the same time the archbishop of Rouen put all the countrie of Normandie vnder sentence of in|terdiction, bicause king Richard had begun to fortifie a castell at Lisle Dandelie,Normandie interdicted by ye archbishop of Rouen. vpon a péece of ground which the archbishop claimed to apperteine vnto his sée. The matter was brought before the pope, who perceiuing the intent of king Richard was not o|therwise grounded vpon any couetous purpose to defraud the church of hir right, but onelie to build a fortresse in such place as was most expedient for de|fense of the countrie about, to preserue it from inua|sion of the enimies; he counselled the archbishop not to stand against the king in it, but to exchange with him for some other lands: which was doone, and the interdiction by the pope released. The bishop of Elie lord chancellour, being sent about this businesse towards Rome,The bishop of Elie departed this life. departed this life by the way at Poictiers, in Ianuarie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But the bishops of Durham & Lisieux that were sent with him, passed forward, and comming to Rome, informed the pope of the matter, who tooke order with the bishops (as before is mentioned.) The king gaue to the church in Rouen in recompense, his milles which he had in Rouen, so that the said church should paie the almes of old time appointed to be giuen for the same. He gaue to the said church like|wise the towne of Diepe, and the towne of Bussels, so that the church should likewise paie the almes as|signed foorth of the same, being the summe of 372 pounds of Aniouine monie: also the manour of Lo|uers, and the forrest of Alermound with the deere and the appurtenances. But now to other dooings.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About the same time, or not long before, whereas there had beene long contention betwixt the kings of England, Rog. Houed. The king and the earle of Tholouse a|greed. and the earles of S. Giles for the earle|dome of Tholouse, king Richard by way of aliance fell now at an appointment with the earle Raimond that held those lands: for whereas the countesse Con|stance wife to the said Raimond earle of Tholouse and aunt to king Philip was now departed this life, king Richard concluded a mariage betwene the said earle and his sister Ioane quéene of Sicile, some|time wife to William king of Sicile, so that being thus ioined in aliance with the said earle of Tho|louse on the one side, Matt. Paris. The earle of Flanders a|lied with K. Richard. he procured a league also with Baldwine earle of Flanders on the other, vnto whome he gaue fiue thousand markes in reward, vpon condition, that he should couenant not to grow to any agréement with the French king without his consent. Likewise Reginold the earle of Bolongne, Iacob. Meir. Les annales de France. that was sonne to the earle of Chasteau Martine, ali|ed himselfe with them against the French king, and so did Baldwine earle of Guines with diuerse other.

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