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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Then king Richard and the other christian cap|teins perceiuing how the matter inclined, Anno Reg. 4. and gi|uing ouer all hope of any more good successe, follow|ed them. So that after they were thus returned to Acres, king Richard still doubting least his long ab|sence from home might put him in danger of more losse here, than he saw hope of present gaine to be had there, in such diuersitie of humours and priuie malice which reigned among them, he determined fullie to depart homewards, with no lesse purpose to returne thither againe after he had setled things at home in such sure stay as was expedient for the suer|tie of his owne estate and quietnesse of his people. Herevpon being readie to enter into his ships at Acres [or as some haue, Wil. Paruus. being on his iournie home|wards in Cypres] he was aduertised that the Soul|dane Saladine had taken the towne of Iaph, slaine a great number of the christians within it, and besie|ged the residue within the castell, the which (constrei|ned through feare) had compounded to yéeld, if with|in thrée daies there came no succour.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 King Richard being hereof aduertised, and tur|ning gréef into valiancie, with all spéed sailed backe vnto Iaph, and landing there with his people, caused his enimies to forsake the towne: but anon assem|bling themselues againe togither, they turned once more to besiege it, wherevpon he issued foorth into the fields,K. Richard rescueth Port Iaph. and fought with them sundrie daies togither, till finallie they were content to forsake their enter|prise, and to depart thence for altogither. In these conflicts the valiant courage of king Richard, and the worthie manhood of his souldiers right well ap|peared: Rad. Niger. Matth. Paris. for he brought not with him at that time vn|to Iaph aboue 80 men of armes, and foure hundred other souldiers with crossebowes, and yet with that small handfull of men, and some aid of them that he found there in the castell, he did not onelie bid battell to the enimies, which were numbred to 62 thousand, but also put them to the woorsse, and caused them to flee backe, to their great shame and confusion.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Thus Iaph being deliuered out of the enimies hands,Cephas. K. Richard fell sicke. king Richard fell sicke at a castell called Ce|phas, and so remained there certeine daies, till he had recouered his health. In which meane time the Soldane Saladine seeming to lament his [...]ase, sent vnto him certeine of his councellors to common with him of peace, declaring that although he well vnderstood that king Richard ment shortlie to re|turne into his countrie, and that after his departure out of the east parts, he could with small adoo recouer all that the christians yet held within the holie land, he would neuerthelesse in respect of king Richards high prowes; and noble valiancie, grant a peace for a certeine time, so that not onelie Ascalon, but also all other such townes and places as the christians had fortified or woone since the conquest of Acres should be raced, as touching their walles, bulworks, gates, and other fortifications.

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