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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 After this, both the kings of England and France met at Uizeley in the octaues of the natiuitie of S. Iohn Baptist, and when they had remained there two daies they passed foorth to the citie of Lion; where the two kings departed in sunder, Anno Reg. 2. and each one kept his iournie, the one toward Guenes, where his nauie was appointed to come to him, and the other to Mar|seilles, there to méet with his fléet, according to his appointment. But the English ships being let and staied by the way by contrarie winds and rigorous tempests,The English fléet staied by contrarie winds. which tossed them to and fro vpon the coasts of Spaine, could not come in any conuenient time vnto Marseilles, so that king Richard thinking long to tarrie for them,Twentie gal|lies & twelue other vessels saith Houed. & perceiuing they could not kéepe their appointed time, he hired ships from all places thereabouts, and embarking himselfe and his men in the same, vpon saint Laurence euen,Upon the sea|uenth day of August saith Houeden. sailed foorth to|wards Sicile, where he was appointed to méet with king Philip.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Rog. Houed. Here is to be noted, that king Richard made not all that iourneie from Marseilles to Messina by sea, but sundrie times comming on land, hired horsses, and rode foorth alongst the coast, appointing with his ships and gallies where to meet him, and sometimes he rested certeine daies togither in one place or other as at Portdelphin, at Naples, and at Salerne, from whence there departed from him Baldwine archbishop of Canterburie, Hubert bishop of Salisburie, and the lord Ranulfe de Glanuille, the which taking vpon them to go before, with prosperous wind and weather in short space landed at Acon, which was then besieged, as you shall heare hereafter.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 At Rome the king came not, but being within the streame of the riuer of Tiber, there came to him a cardinall named Octauianus, bishop of Hostia, to whome he spake manie reprochfull words of the couetousness vsed in the court of Rome (a vice reputed the common nursse of all mischeefes, King Richard blameth the court of Rome for couetous|nesse. as one verie well noteth,

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