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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This yeare the twentie of October, the citie of Chichester was almost wholie consumed to ashes by mischance of fire. The head church with the bishops palace, and the houses of the canons were burnt e|uen downe to the ground. After this king Henrie held his Christmasse at Caen, Anno Reg. 34. 1188 from whence he went to Harfleet,King Henrie returneth into England. and there taking the sea passed ouer into England. The French king hearing by and by of his departure, assembled a great armie, and threatned to destroie the countrie of Normandie, and other lands on that side the sea, except king Henrie would deliuer into his hands the towne of Gisors, with the appurtenances, or cause his sonne Richard earle of Poictou to take to wife his sister Alice, according to his promise.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 King Henrie passeth againe into Nor|mandie.When king Henrie was aduertised hereof, he turned with all speed into Normandie, that he might prouide for timelie resistance, if the French king came forward to inuade his dominions. About the selfe same time came newes out of the holie land, Polydor. Heauie newes from the east paris. that Saladine after the winning of Ierusalem, pur|sued his victorie with such successe, that he had taken from the christians the more part of all other towns and strengths within the land. These newes were no|thing pleasant to the christian princes, and namelie the two kings Henrie and Philip séemed sorowfull for the same, and therefore came to an enterview to|gither on the 21. day of Ianuarie betwixt Trie and Gisors, where the archbishop of Tire was present,An enteruiew betwixt the two kings. through whose earnest exhortation the two kings were made freends, and the same day receiued the crosse at his hands in purpose to make a iourneie to|gither against those Saracens that had doone such iniuries to the christian name.The two kings receiue the crosse. And for a difference that one nation might be knowne from an other, the French king and his people tooke vpon them to weare read crosses,

The French ware red crosses,

The English white,

The Fle|mings gréene.

the king of England and his subiects white crosses: but the earle of Flanders and his men ware gréene.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Herewith they departed asunder, each one repai|ring to their countries to prouide their armies, and make them in a readinesse to set forward by a day towards this necessarie iournie. King Henrie com|ming to Chinon, by aduise of his councell, ordeined that euerie one of his subiects should yeeld a tenth part of his reuenues and mooueable goods for that yeare towards the aid of them in the holie land (corne of that yeares growth excepted, and also all armour,An aid gran|ted to them in the holie land. Wil. Paruus. horsses, bookes, apparell, ornaments of chappels, and pretious stones, which should not come in the rate of goods now taxed, nor be charged with this paiment.) Moreouer those knights and men of warre that were appointed to go in this iourneie paied nothing, but had that monie also towards their furniture, which were gathered of their tenants and farmers, how|beit burgesses and others that tooke vpon them the crosse without licence of their lords, paied his tenth, so that none of them went free.

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