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Compare 1577 edition: 1 At this time king Henrie held his Christmasse at Gilford, Anno Reg. 33 1187 and shortlie after came one Octauianus a subdeacon cardinall,Octauianus a cardinall. and Hugh de Nouant from the court of Rome, sent as legats from pope Urbane into Ireland, that they might crowne earle Iohn the kings sonne king of that land. But king Henrie made a delaie therein,King Henrie passeth ouer into Nor|mandie. taking the legats with him into Normandie, whither he sailed at the same time, and landing at Wissand, he went from thence into Normandie, and shortlie after came to a communi|cation with the French king, at a place called Va|dum Sancti Remigij, where after much talke they could not agrée, by reason the French king deman|ded things vnreasonable, Ger. Dor. and so they departed with|out any thing concluded [sauing a truce] till after Whitsuntide.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time, the citie of Ierusalem was taken by Saladine the chéefe prince of the Sara|cens.Ierusalem taken. Wherevpon much conference was had among the christian princes for the succoring of those christi|ans, which as yet held and defended other péeces in the holie land, so that by publishing of the popes buls, manie tooke on them the crosse: and amongst other Richard the sonne of king Henrie (without anie li|cence obteined of his father) receiued the same, vow|ing to go thither out of hand, and to fight against Gods enimies to the vttermost of his power.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane time the grudge still increased be|twixt king Henrie and Philip the French king, part|lie for one cause, and partlie for an other,Out of the annales of France writ|ten by Ni|coll Gallis. but special|lie one cheefe occasion was for that earle Richard de|ferred the dooings of his homage vnto king Philip for the dutchie of Poictou, which by his fathers ap|pointment he now inioied and held. The French king to preuent his enimies, immediatlie vpon the expiring of the truce raised a power, and entring in|to the dominions belonging to king Henrie, wasted the countrie till he came vnto Chateu Raoul: about which castell also he foorthwith planted his siege.

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