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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The French king required to haue the custodie of the infant Arthur, heire to Geffrey earle of Bri|taine: but king Henrie would in no wise grant thereto.Ambassadors sent to the French king. Wherefore he sent Walter archbishop of Rouen, William de Mandeuille earle of Albe|marle, and Ranulfe de Glandeuille lord cheefe iustice of England to the French court, to talke with king Philip about that matter, so that king Philip hauing heard them, was contented to staie from attemp|ting force till the feast of S. Hilarie. But in the meane time it chanced,Sir William de Walles. that one sir Richard de Wal|les a knight of the realme of France went about to fortifie a castell in a village that belonged to him cal|led Walles, situated betwixt Trie & Gisors. Where|vpon Henrie Uere (constable of Gisors vnder Wil|liam earle of Albemarle) was nothing content ther|with, and therefore got a companie togither, & went foorth to disturbe the worke. Upon this occasion the seruants of the said sir Richard de Walles came foorth, and encountred with him in the field, in somuch that Rafe the sonne of sir Richard de Walles was slaine, and the residue that were with him fled, many of them being sore beaten and wounded.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 When the French king was informed hereof,The king of Englands subiects are|sted in Frãce. he caused all the kings of England his subiects, that could be found within his countries and dominion of France to be apprehended, and their goods seized. The stewards, bailifes,The French subiects are|sted in Nor|mandie. & officers then of king Hen|rie, did the like by the French kings subiects that chanced to be at that present within the king of En|glands countries, on that further side of the sea. But within a little while after, the French king set the English subiects at libertie, and so likewise did the K. of Englands officers release the French subiects.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 At this time king Henrie held his Christmasse at Gilford, Anno Reg. 33 1187 and shortlie after came one Octauianus a subdeacon cardinall,Octauianus a cardinall. and Hugh de Nouant from the court of Rome, sent as legats from pope Urbane into Ireland, that they might crowne earle Iohn the kings sonne king of that land. But king Henrie made a delaie therein,King Henrie passeth ouer into Nor|mandie. taking the legats with him into Normandie, whither he sailed at the same time, and landing at Wissand, he went from thence into Normandie, and shortlie after came to a communi|cation with the French king, at a place called Va|dum Sancti Remigij, where after much talke they could not agrée, by reason the French king deman|ded things vnreasonable, Ger. Dor. and so they departed with|out any thing concluded [sauing a truce] till after Whitsuntide.

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