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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The day next after this terrible woonder, the king and the patriarch with the bishop of Durham and a great sort of other Noble men of this realme,The king and the patriarch passe ouer in|to France. pas|sed the seas from Douer to Wissand, and so rode foorth towards Normandie, where immediatlie vpon his comming thither he raised a power, and sent word to his sonne Richard earle of Poictou (which had fortified the townes and castels of Poictou a|gainst him,The kings message to his sonne earle Richard. and taken his brother Geffrey prisoner) that except he deliuered vp into his mothers hands the whole countrie of Poictou, he would surelie come to chastise him with an iron rod, and bring him vn|der obedience smallie to his ease. Upon this message earle Richard being somewhat better aduised, obeied his fathers commandements in all points,Erle Richard obeieth his father. rendring vp into his mothers hands the earldome of Poictou, and comming to his father as an obedient sonne, shewed himselfe readie to serue him at commande|ment with a glad and willing mind. Soone after this, and about the seauenth houre of the day, Rog. Houed. the sunne suffered a generall eclipse,Particular and not gene|rall, saith Ger. Dor. so that no part of it appea|red, and therwith followed great thunder with light|ning and sore tempest, with the violence whereof both men and beasts were destroied, and manie hou|ses burned.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Shortlie after this, the kings of England and France met and communed togither for the aiding of them in the holie land, and they promised indéed to send thither both men and monie: but the patriarch made small account thereof, for he was much decei|ued of that which he hoped to haue brought to passe, which was, either to haue got the king of England, or one of his sonnes, or some other man of great autho|ritie with him into the holie land: but bicause that would not be, he departed from the court verie sor|rowfull and sore displeased, so that it may be thought, that then (and not before his departure out of Eng|land) he spake his mind so plainlie vnto the king (as before yee haue heard.)

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, about this time king Henrie obteined of pope Urbane the third, Anno Reg. 32. that he might crowne which of his sonnes it should please him king of Ire|land, in token of which grant and confirmation, the said pope sent vnto him a crowne of peacocks fea|thers, after a feat maner wouen in with gold.

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