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Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this, king Henrie held his Christmasse at Windsore, and the same yeare Heraclius the patri|arch of Ierusalem,Heraclius pa|triarch of Ie|rusalem. and Roger master of the house of S. Iohns of Ierusalem came into England, to make suit vnto king Henrie for aid against the Sa|racens that dailie wan from the christians, townes and holds in the holie land, taking and killing the people most miserablie, as in the description of the holie land may more plainelie appeare, where the doo|ings of Saladine the Saracen are touched. The pa|triarch made earnest request vnto the king, proffe|ring him the keies of the citie of Ierusalem, and of the holie sepulchre (with the letters of Lucius the third then pope of Rome) charging him to take vpon him the iournie, and to haue mind of the oth which be|fore time he had made.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king deferred his answer for a time, and cal|ling a councell of his lords togither at Clerkenwell,A councell at Clerkenwell. on the 15. of Aprill, asked their aduice in this mat|ter: who declared to him, that as they tooke it, he might not well depart so far out of his realme and o|ther dominions, leauing the same as a prey to his e|nimies. And wheras it was thought by some, that he might appoint one of his sonnes to take vpon him that iournie, yet bicause they were not as then with|in the realme, it was iudged that in their absence there was no reason why it should be so decréed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Howbeit in the meane time vpon licence granted by the king, that so manie might go as would,Baldwin archbishop of Cantur|burie exhor|teth men to go to warre against the Saracens. Bald|win the archbishop of Canturburie preached, and ex|horted men to take vpon them the crosse so effectual|lie, that a great number receiuing it, fullie purposed to go on in that iournie. At length the king gaue an|swer to the patriarch, excusing himselfe in that he could go, for he declared that he might not leaue his land without keeping, being in danger to remaine as a prey to the robberie and spoile of the French+men: but he offered to giue large summes of gold and siluer to such as would take vpon them that voi|age.Fiue thou|sand marks saieth Gen [...]. Dor. With this answer the cardinall was nothing pleased, and therefore said;

We séeke a man and not monie: euerie christian region well neere sendeth vs monie, but no countrie sendeth vs a prince; Ran. Higd. and therfore we require a prince that néedeth monie, and not monie that needeth a prince.
But the king still alledged matter for his excuse, so that the patriarch departed from him comfortlesse, and greatlie discon|tented in his mind: whereof the king hauing know|ledge, and intending somewhat to recomfort him with sweet and pleasant words, followed him to the sea side. But the more the king thought to satisfie the patriarch with words, the more wroth and disconten|ted he shewed himselfe to be; in so much that at the last he said vnto him,The words of the partri|arch to the king.
Hither to hast thou reigned glo|riouslie, but hereafter shalt thou be forsaken of him, whom thou at this time forsakest. Consider of him, and remember what he hath giuen thee, and what thou hast yéelded to him againe, how first thou wast false to the king of France, and after [...]uedst archbishop Becket, and now lastlie thou forsakest the protection of Christes faith.

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