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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 There rose about the same time occasion of strife and variance betwixt king Henrie and the French king, about the enioieng of the countrie lieng vpon Gisors, called Ueulquesine, on this side the riuer of Hept, which was giuen vnto king Henrie the sonne,Ueulquesine. in consideration of the marriage betwixt him and queene Margaret the French kings sister. For the French king now after the death of his brother in law king Henrie the sonne, required to haue the same restored vnto the crowne of France: but king Henrie was not willing to part with it.The kings of England and France talke togither. At length they met betwixt Trie and Gisors to talke of the matter, where they agréed that quéene Margaret the widow of the late deceased king Henrie the son, should receiue yearelie during hir life 1750 pounds of Aniouin monie at Paris, of king Henrie the fa|ther and his heires; in consideration whereof she should release and quit claime all hir right to those lands that were demanded, as Ueulquesine and o|thers. Shortlie after, Geffrey erle of Britaine came to his father, and submitting himselfe, was reconci|led to him, and also to his brother Richard earle of Poictow. Anno Reg. 30 Also I find that king Henrie at an enter|uiew had betwixt him and the French king at their accustomed place of meeting betwixt Trie and Gi|sors on saint Nicholas day, did his homage to the same French king for the lands which he held of him on that side the sea, which to doo till then he had refu|sed. The same yeare king Henrie held his Christmas at the citie of Mauns.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 When the king had set the French king and the earle of Flanders at agréement for the controuersie that chanced betwixt them about the lands of Uer|mendois, he passed through the earle of Flanders countrie, and comming to Wi [...]nd, tooke ship and sailed ouer into England, landing at Douer the tenth day of Iune,The duchesse of Saxonie deliuered of a sonne. with his daughter the dutches of Saxonie, who was afterwards deliuered of a sonne at Winchester, and hir husband the duke of Saxonie came also this yeare into England, and was ioifullie receiued and honourablie interteined of the king his father in law.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 And whereas the archbishop of Colen came ouer into England this yeare to visit the toome of Tho|mas late archbishop of Canturburie,The archbish. of Colen. the king tra|uelled to make an agréement betwixt him and the Saxonish duke touching a certeine variance depen|ding EEBO page image 108 betwixt them, wherin the king did so much, that the archbishop forgaue all iniuries past, and so they were made fréends. Also by the counsell of the same archbishop the king sent Hugh Nouant archdeacon of Liseux and others,Hugh No|uant. ambassadours from him vnto pope Lucius, that by his helpe there might be made some waie to obteine a pardon for the said duke, and licence for him to returne into his countrie. Those that were sent demeaned themselues so discréetly in dooing their message, that the emperour comming where the pope then was, that is to say, at Uerona in Italie, at the earnest suit of the said pope was contented to release all his euill will which he bare towards the duke,The duke of Saxonie par|doned and re|uoked out of exile. pardoned him for all things past, and licenced him now at length to returne home in|to his countrie, his condemnation of exile being cléerlie reuoked.

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