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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 Shortlie after his comming thither, he gaue li|cence to the Noble men that were come thither with him, to returne home, and then he himselfe went into Spaine to visit the bodie of S. Iames the apostle. His wife being great with child,The duchesse of Saxonie deliuered of a sonne. Ranulfe Po|er slaine. remained with hir father in Normandie, and at Argenton she was de|liuered of a sonne. This yeare the Welshmen slue Ranulfe Poer shirife of Glocestershire. King Hen|rie held his Christmasse at Caen, with his thrée sons, Henrie the king, Anno Reg. 29. 1183. Richard earle of Poictow, and Gef|frey earle of Britaine. There was also Henrie duke of Saxonie, with his wife and their children, besides the archbishops of Canturburie and Du|blin, with other bishops earles and barons in great number.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Here would king Henrie the father, that his son the king should receiue homage of his brethren Ri|chard earle of Poictow, and Geffrey earle of Bri|taine. The earle of Britaine did not staie at the matter, but the earle of Poictow refused, alledging that it was not conuenient so long as their father li|ued, to acknowledge any superioritie to their bro|ther: Wil. Paruus. for as the fathers inheritance was due to the eldest sonne, so he claimed the lands which he held due to him in right of his mother. This deniall so much offended his brother the king, that afterwards when Richard would haue doone homage, he would not receiue it, whervpon Richard departed from the court in great displeasure, Polydor. & comming into Poictow, began to fortifie his castels & townes, that he might be in a readinesse to stand vpon his safegard, if his father or brethren should come to pursue him. King Henrie the sonne followed him, set on by the earles and barons of Poictow, which for the sharpe and cru|ell gouernement of earle Richard, hated him mortal|lie. Ger. Dor. Againe on the other side; the fauourable courte|sie, séemelie personage, and other noble qualities which they saw in the yoong king, moued them to take part with him against Richard, and shortlie af|ter their brother Geffrey came with a great armie in aid of his brother the king, Rog. Houed. war betwixt the brethren. in so much that earle Richard not knowing how to shift off the present danger, sent to his father for aid, who being verie so|rie in his mind to sée such vnnaturall dealing among his sonnes, gathered an armie and set forward.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 He had a little before trauelled to set them at one, in somuch that where earle Richard held a ca|stell named Clareualx, which after the fathers de|ceasse ought to remaine vnto king Henrie the son, vpon his complaint thereof made, th [...] father did so much with the earle, that he surrendered it into his fathers hands.The father séeketh to ap|pease the qua|rell betwixt his sonnes. Immediatlie after all the three sonnes came to Angers, and there sware to be obedient vn|to their fathers will, and to serue him against all men: whervpon he appointed them a daie to meet at Mirabell, where the barons of Guien should also be, vnto whom king Henrie the sonne had sworne to aid them against earle Richard. Herewith was earle Geffrey sent vnto them to persuade them to peace and quietnesse,Earle Geffrey dealeth vn|faithfullie. and to come vnto Mirabell according to king Henrie the fathers appointment: but in stéed of persuading them to peace (contrarie to his oth so oftentimes receiued) he procured them to pur|sue the warre both against his father and his brother earle Richard: and no maruell, for

Malè sarta gratia nunquam benè coalescit.

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