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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king held his Christmasse this yeare at Win|chester, and afterwards sailed ouer into Normandie, bicause he heard that the king his sonne was gone to his brother in law king Philip,The k. passeth ouer into Normandie. and began to prac|tise eftsoones new trouble, which was true indéed: but yet at length he came backe,The K. & his sonne eftsoons reconciled. and was reconciled to his father, and tooke an oth, that from thenceforth he would neuer swarue from him, nor demand more for his maintenance but an hundred pounds Anio|nin by the daie, and ten pounds a day of the same mo|nie for his wife. His father granted this, and also co|uenanted, that within the tearme of one yeare he would giue him the seruices of an hundred knights. Neuerthelesse all this did little amend the matter, for though he set a new copie of countenance there|vpon, yet he reteined his old peruerse purpose in his discontented mind, hauing learned that

Qui nescit fingere nescit regere.
After this, king Henrie the father as a mediator be|twixt the king of France, and the earle of Flanders touching controuersies betwixt them did so much in the matter, that he set them at one for that time.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same season, king Henrie the father sent William de Mandeuille earle of Albemarle, and other ambassadors vnto the emperour Frede|rike, Rog. Houed. to intreat for his sonne in law the duke of Sax|onie,The duke of Saxonie. that he might be againe restored into his fauor, which could not be obteined: for he was alreadie condemned to exile, but yet thus much to pleasure the king of England the emperour granted, that so ma|nie as went with him out of their countrie, might re|turne EEBO page image 106 againe at their pleasure, and that his wife the dutches Maud the K. of Englands daughter, should inioy hir dowrie, and be at libertie, whether she would remaine vpon it, or follow hir husband into exile, therefore when the daie came that he must depart out of his countrie, he set forward with his wife and children, and a great number of the Nobles of his countrie, and finallie came into Normandie, where he was right ioifullie receiued of his father in law king Henrie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 Shortlie after his comming thither, he gaue li|cence to the Noble men that were come thither with him, to returne home, and then he himselfe went into Spaine to visit the bodie of S. Iames the apostle. His wife being great with child,The duchesse of Saxonie deliuered of a sonne. Ranulfe Po|er slaine. remained with hir father in Normandie, and at Argenton she was de|liuered of a sonne. This yeare the Welshmen slue Ranulfe Poer shirife of Glocestershire. King Hen|rie held his Christmasse at Caen, with his thrée sons, Henrie the king, Anno Reg. 29. 1183. Richard earle of Poictow, and Gef|frey earle of Britaine. There was also Henrie duke of Saxonie, with his wife and their children, besides the archbishops of Canturburie and Du|blin, with other bishops earles and barons in great number.

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