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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Anno Reg. 27. R. Houed. King Henrie the father, whilest he was at Ma|uns after Christmasse made this ordinance, that eue|rie man being worth in goods to the value of an hun|dred pounds Aniouin,1181. should keepe one horsse able for seruice in the wars, and complet armour for a knight or man of armes, as we may rather call them. Also that such as had goods woorth in value from 40. pounds to 25. of the same monie, should at the least haue in his house for his furniture an ha|bergeon, a cap of stéele, a speare, and a sword, or bowe and arrowes. Furthermore he ordeined, that no man might sell or laie to gage his armour and weapon, but should be bound to leaue it to his next heire. When the French king and the earle of Flanders were aduertised that king Henrie had made this or|dinance amongst his subiects, they gaue commande|ment that their people should be armed after the like manner.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare after Candlemasse, Laurence archbi|shop of Dublin came ouer to the king into Norman|die, Matth. Paris. and brought with him the son of Roderike king of Conagh, to remaine with him as a pledge, for per|formance of couenants passed betwixt them, as the paiment of tribute and such like. The said archbishop died there in Normandie, wherevpon the king sent Geffrey de Haie one of his chapleins, and chapleine also to Alexius the popes legat into Ireland, to seize that archbishops sée into his hands. He also sent Iohn Lacie conestable of Chester, and Richard de Peake, to haue the citie of Dublin in kéeping, which Hugh Lacie had in charge before, and now was dis|charged, bicause the king tooke displeasure with him, for that without his licence he had maried a daugh|ter of the king of Conagh, according to the manner of that countrie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare also, Geffrey the kings bastard sonne, who was the elect of Lincolne, and had receiued the profits of that bishoprike by the space of seuen years, and had his election confirmed by the pope in the feast of the Epiphanie at Marlebridge, in presence of the king and bishops renounced that preferment, of his owne free will. R. Houed. Within a while after the pope sent a streit commandement vnto Richard archbi|shop of Canturburie, either to cause the same Gef|frey by the censure of the church to renounce his mi|ter, or else to take vpon him the order of préesthood. Wherefore vpon good aduice taken in the matter with his father and other of his especiall fréends, iud|ging himselfe insufficient for the one, he was con|tented to part with the other; and therevpon wrote letters vnto the said archbishop of Canturburie, in forme as followeth.

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