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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king this yeare held his Christmasse at Win|chester, Anno. Reg. [...]5. R. Houed. at which time newes came abroad of a great wonder that had chanced at a place called Oxenhale, within the lordship of Derlington,A strange wonder of the earth. in which place a part of the earth lifted it selfe vp on high in appea|rance like to a mightie tower, and so it remained from nine of the clocke in the morning, till the euen tide, and then it fell downe with an horrible noise, so that as such as were thereabout, were put in great feare. That péece of earth with the fall was swallow|ed EEBO page image 110 vp, leauing a great déepe pit in the place, as was to be seene many yeares after.

¶ Touching these celestiall apparitions, the com|mon doctrine of philosophie is, that they be méere na|turall, and therefore of no great admiration. For of eclipses, as well such as are proper to the sunne, as also those that are peculiar to the moone, the position is not so generallie deliuered, as it is constantlie be|léeued. For the philosophers giue this reason of e|clipses.

M. Pal. in A|quar.—radios Phoebi luna interiecta repellit,
Nec sinit in terras claram descendere lucem.
Quippe aliud non est quàm terrae atque aequoris vmbra,
Quae si fortè ferit nocturnae corpora lunae,
Eclipsin facit.

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