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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Things being setled thus in good order, king Hen|rie leauing his sonne Henrie at Rouen, went to Ar|genton, and there held his Christmasse, and after|wards, namelie in the feast of the purification of our ladie, Rog. Houed. both the kings (as well the father as the sonne) were at Mauns, and vpon their returne from thence into Normandie, came to a communication with the French king at Gisors,The kings of England and France méet at Gisors. and then being come backe into Normandie at Bure, the sonne (to put the father out of all doubt and mistrust of any euill mea|ning in him) sware fealtie to him against all persons, and so became his liegeman in the presence of Ro|throd archbishop of Rouen, Henrie bishop of Baieux William earle of Mandeuille, Richard de Hun [...]ez his conestable, and manie other.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this they kept their easter at Chirebourgh from whence they came to Caen, where they met with Philip earle of Flanders,Philip earle of Flanders. who had latelie before taken on him the crosse, to go to the holie land: where king Henrie the father required him to release all such couenants as king Henrie the sonne had made vnto him in time of his last warres, which he fréelie did, and deliuered vp the writing that he had of the same king concerning those couenants, and so they confirmed vnto him the yearelie rent which he was woont to receiue out of England, before the said warres.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Polydor. Finallie, when king Henrie had visited the most part of the countrie, he came to Harflew, and caused his nauie to be decked and rigged, that he might saile ouer into England. Whilest he tarried heere till his ships were readie, he sent letters to his sonne king Henrie, willing him to repaire vnto him, and meaning that he should accompanie him into England.Enuious per|sons readie to forge matters of suspicion. Who at the first was loth to obeie his fa|thers will and pleasure herein, bicause some enui|ous persons about him had put in his head a doubt, least his father had not altogither forgot his former grudge, and that he ment at his comming into Eng|land to commit him to prison. Which was a surmize altogither void of likeliehood, considering that the fa|ther, in the whole processe of his actions betweene himselfe and his sonnes, was so farre from the desire of inflicting any corporall punishment, or leuieng a|nie fine vpon them for their misdemenour, that he alwaies sought meanes of reconcilement and paci|fication. And though this Henrie the sonne for his part deserued to be roughlie dealt withall; yet the fa|ther handled him so gentlie with courteous letters & messages, that shortlie after he came of his owne accord vnto Harflew, from whence shortlie after they sailed both togither ouer into England, landing at Portsmouth on a fridaie being the ninth of Maie,The two kings the fa|ther and the sonne returne into England. from thence they tooke their iournie streight to Lon|don, all the waies being full of people that came to see them, and to shew themselues glad and ioifull of their concord and happie arriuall. At their comming to the citie they were receiued with great reioising of the people, beseeching God long to preserue them both in health and honour.

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