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Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Henrie the father held his Christmasse this yeare at Caen in Normandie, Anno. Reg. 20. 1174 about which time a truce was made betwixt him and king Lewes to endure till Easter, or (as others write) for the terme of six moneths. For ye haue to vnderstand, that the fame of the victorie gotten by the capteines of king Henrie the father against the earle of Leicester (be|ing not onlie spred through England, but also blown ouer into France) put those that tooke part with him in great feare; but speciallie king Lewes mistrus|ting the matter began to wax wearie that he had at|tempted so far, and susteined so great trauell and ex|penses in another mans cause.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Whilest this truce indured, the archbishop of Can|turburie being readie to returne home in despaire of his businesse, Ger. Dor. vpon a feigned rumor spred that there was a peace concluded betwixt the two kings, the father and sonne, he was called backe and conse|crated by the pope the sundaie after Easter: and then furnished with the dignities of primat and le|gat of England, and other priuileges according, he tooke his waie homewards towards England, after he had laid foorth great summes of monie to disap|point the purposes of his aduersaries.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare in Iune, the lord Geffrey the elect of Lincolne the kings sonne besieged the castell which Roger de Mowbray had repaired at Kinard Ferie, within the Ile of Oxholme, and compelling the soul|diers within to yéeld, he beat downe and raced the same castell vnto the verie ground. Robert Mow|bray conestable of that castell, as he passed thorough the countrie towards Leicester, there to procure some aid, was taken by the men of Claie, and kept as prisoner. Moreouer, the said elect of Lincolne tooke the castell of Malesert that belonged to the said Roger Mowbray, which being now taken, was deli|uered vnto the keeping of the archbishop of Yorke. The said elect also fortified a castell at Topclife, and tooke it to the kéeping of William Stuteuille. In this meane while the king tooke the strengths and for|tresses which his sonne Richard had fortified at Xan|ctes, and in the same forts and church (which was also fortified against him) 60. knights or men of armes, and 400. archbalisters, that is, the best of them that EEBO page image 91 bare crossebowes.

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