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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Furthermore, Peter the reuerend archbishop of Tarenfasia, and Ardune the bishop of Geneua, and also William the bishop of Morienne, with the abbat of S. Michell promised vpon their oth to be readie at the appointment of the king of England, to put vn|der the censures of the church the said earle and his lands, refusing to performe the foresaid couenants, and so to kéepe him and the same lands bound, till he had satisfied the king of England therein.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 William earle of Mandeuill,The earles of Mandeuille and Arundell. and William earle of Arundell sware on the part of king Henrie, that he should performe the articles, couenants and agrée|ments on his part, as first to make paiment imme|diatlie vnto the said Hubert of one thousand marks, and assoone as he should receiue his daughter, he should pay him an other thousand markes at the least, and the residue then remaining of the said sum of fiue thousand markes, should be paid when the ma|riage was consummate.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 It was prouided also, that the said earle Hubert might marrie his yoonger daughter where he would, EEBO page image 85 without any great diminishing of the earledome af|ter the first marriage consummate with the lord Iohn, the king of Englands sonne. And that if either the said lord Iohn, or his affianced wife chanced to die before the consummation of the marriage, then should the monie which the earle had receiued, be re|paied to the king, or bestowed as the king should appoint.

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