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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 At that season in Britaine were certeine Noble men of such strength and power, that they disdained to acknowledge themselues subiect to any superior, in somuch that through ambitious desire of rule and preheminence, they warred continuallie one against an other, to the great destruction and vtter vndooing of their miserable countrie, so that the land some|time fruitfull by nature, was as it were a wildernes. Wherevpon, those that were the weaker, perceiuing themselues too much oppressed by the stronger, sub|mitted themselues vnto king Henrie, and required his aid and succour. King Henrie reioising to haue so good an occasion and opportunitie to reduce them to reason, with all speed aided these supplicants and subdued the resistants, Anno Reg. 13. notwithstanding their great puissance, & the strength of the places which they kept.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane while Henrie came ouer to his fa|ther, N. Triuet. King Henrie inuadeth the erle of Aluer|gnes lands. and found him at Poictiers, from whence (short|lie after Easter) he remoued, and with an armie en|tred into the lands of the earle of Aluergnes, which he wasted and spoiled, bicause the said earle had re|nounced his allegiance to king Henrie, and made his resort to the French king, séeking to sow discord betwixt the foresaid two kings: which was kindled the more by a challenge pretended about the sending of the monie ouer into the holie land, which was ga|thered within the countie of Tours: for the French king claimed to send it, by reason that the church there apperteined to his dominion: and the king of England would haue sent it, bicause it was gathe|red within the countrie that belonged to his go|uernement.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Ger. Dor. The earle of Bolongne prepareth 600 ships to inuade Eng|land.This yeare a great preparation of ships was made by the earle of Bullongne, to haue inuaded Eng|land, but by the warlike prouision of Richard Lucie, lord gouernour of the realme, the sea-coasts were so prouided of sufficient defense, that the earles at|tempts came to nothing. The cause why he made this brag, was for that the king withheld from him cer|teine reuenues which he claimed to haue here in England and therefore he ment to recouer them by force. The empresse Maud mother to the king of England (a woman in stoutnesse of stoma [...]h and warlike attempts more famous than commonlie a|ny of that sex) deceassed this yere the 10 of Septem.

The deceasse of the empresse Maud.

Matth. West.

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