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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The same yeare, Matt [...]ew sonne to the earle of Flanders married the ladie Marie the abbesse of Ramsie, daughter to king Stephan, N. Triuet. and with hir had the countie of Bullongne. About this mariage grew the first falling out betwixt the king and his chancel|lor Thomas Becket (as some haue written) but none more than the said Matthew was offended with the said chancellor,

The first fal|ling out be|twixt the K. & Thomas Becket.

Anno Reg. 7. Matth. Paris. Matth. West.

bicause he was so sore against the said contract.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Henrie, shortlie after the marriage was consummate betwixt his sonne & the French kings daughter, got into his hands the castell of Gisors, with two other castels situate vpon the riuer of Ea|ta in the conf [...]nes of Normandie and France. For it was accorded betwixt the two kings, that when the marriage should be finished, king Henrie should haue those thrée castels, bicause they apperteined to Normandie; in the meane time, the same castels were deliuered into the hands of Robert de Poi|ron, Tostes de Saint Omer, and Robert Hastings, Rog. Houed. thrée knights templers, who vpon the consumma|tion of the marriages before said, and according to the trust committed to them, surrendred the pos|session of the said castels into the hands of king Henrie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But the French king was not a little moued, for that king Henrie had seized vpon them without his licence, in so much that he raised a power of armed men, and sent them into Normandie, where they had one cruell conflict aboue the rest with the Normans, till the night parted them in sunder, Gaguinus. The French & Normans fight. by meane where|of the Frenchmen withdrew to Chaumount, and the Romans to Gisors. The next daie, as the French|men came foorth againe, purposing to haue won Gi|sors, they were beaten backe by the Normans, who issued out of the towne to skirmish with them. Thus was the warre renewed betwixt these two princes; Nic. Triuet. and by setting on of Theobald earle of Blois, the matter grew to that point, that the English and French powers comming foorthwith into the field, and marching one against an other, they approched so neere togither, that battell was presentlie looked for, first in Ueulgessine, and after in the territorie of Dune; but yet in the end such order was taken be|twixt them, that their armies brake vp.

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