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Compare 1577 edition: 1 William duke of Aquitane, grandfather to queene Elianor, married the daughter and heire of the earle of Tholouze, and going vnto the warres of the holie land, he engaged that earledome vnto Raimond the earle of saint Giles, and died before he could returne.Earle of saint Giles other|wise Tho|louze. His sonne William, father to quéene Elianor, suf|fered his earledome to remaine still vnredéemed, ei|ther for want of sufficiencie, or through negligence and carelesnesse: so that the earle of saint Giles kée|ping possession thereof vnto his dieng daie, left it to his sonne Raimond, who inioyed it likewise. Now when king Lewes (hauing married the foresaid E|lianor) demanded restitution as in the right of his wife, earle Raimond flatlie at the first denied to re|store it, but after considering his lacke of power to resist the kings puissance, he plied the K. with hum|ble petitions, and so preuailed by faire words, that in the end king Lewes granted him his sister Con|stance in marriage (which Constance, as ye haue heard, was married before vnto Eustace the sonne of king Stephan) & with hir granted him libertie to reteine the earldome of Tholouze as it were by waie of endowment: whereto the other accorded. How|beit king Henrie hauing maried the foresaid quéene Elianor, Anno. Reg. 5. 1159 after the diuorse had betwixt hir and king Lewes, Matth. Paris. Matt. Westm. made claime to the said countie of Tho|louze in the right of his wife. Herevpon earle Rai|mond, trusting now to the aid of his brother in law king Lewes, denied to restore it; so that king Hen|rie determined to recouer it by force, and entring by and by into Gascoine with an armie, he drew to|wards the countrie of Tholouze, & began to inuade the same with great force and courage.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Diuers great lords of those parties ioyned with king Henrie in his war which he attempted against the earle of saint Giles, as the earle of Barzelone, Wil. Paruus. and the lord William Trencheuile, a man of great power in those quarters,William Trencheuile. hauing vnder his rule ma|nie cities, castels and townes, notwithstanding that he had of late lost many of them by violence of the foresaid earle of Tholouze, but now by the aide of king Henrie he recouered them all. Malcolme also king of Scotland came vnto king Henrie, N. Triuet. whilest he was foorth in this iournie, to associate him in this businesse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The earle hearing of king Henries comming with an armie, was put in great feare, and therevp|on EEBO page image 68 wrote letters to his brother in law king Lewes, requiring him with all spéed possible to come vnto his aid. King Lewes vpon receipt of the letters, & vn|derstanding the present danger of the earle, made such hast in continuing his iournie both daie and night, that he came to Tholouze, before king Henrie could arriue there. Which when king Henrie vnder|stood, and perceiued how he was preuented, he chan|ged his purpose of besieging the citie, and fell to spoi|ling of the countrie thereabouts: at which time he recouered certaine places that latel [...]e before had re|uolted from his gouernment, & (amo [...]gst the rest) the citie of Cahors,The citie of Cahors. N. Triuet. The lord chancellor Becket. which he furnished with men, [...] on and vittels, appointing his chancellor Thomas Becket to the custodie and keeping thereof: he for [...]|fied other places also which he had gotten, placing capteines and men of warre to looke vnto the de|fense of the same. Whilest the king was thus abrode on his iournie in the parties of Aquitaine, Rob. Houed. William earle of Bullongne. William earle of Bullongne and Mortaine the sonne of king Stephan, and Hannon earle of Glocester departed this life, which two earles went thither with him.

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