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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane while Henrie duke of Normandie maried Elianor duches of Guien or Aquitaine, Anno Reg. 17. 1152 late|lie diuorsed from the French king,The duke of Normandie Fitzempresse marieth the duchesse of Aquitaine. and so in right of hir he became duke of Aquitaine, and earle of Poic|tou; for she was the onelie daughter to William duke of Guien, and earle of Poictou, and by hir father created his sole and lawfull heire.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The French king was nothing pleased with this mariage,The French king maketh warre against the duke of Normandie. in somuch that he made sore warre vpon duke Henrie, ioining himselfe in league with king Stephan, with his sonne Eustace, and with the lord EEBO page image 59 Geffrey brother to duke Henrie, so that the said Henrie was constreined to defer his iournie into England, and applie his power to de [...]end his coun|tries and subiects on that side of the sea. For where|as he was readie at the mouth of the riuer of Barbe to passe ouer into England, not long after midsum|mer, the French king, with Eustace king Stephans sonne, Robert earle of Perch, Henrie erle of Cham|paigne, and Geffrey brother to duke Henrie, hauing assembled a mightie armie, came and besieged the castell of Newmarch, and sent foorth the lord Geffrey with a strong power to win the castell of Angers. Duke Henrie aduertised hereof, departing from the place where he soiourned, hasted foorth to succour his people that were besieged, but the castell of New|march was deliuered to the French king,The castell of Newmarch deliuered to the French king. through treason of those that had it in kéeping, before the duke could come to their rescue.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wherevpon the said duke hauing knowledge by the waie that he should come too late thither, he en|camped first vpon the fide of the riuer of Andell, and wasted a great part of the countrie of Ueuxin or Ueulquesine,Ueulquesine. or Ueuxin. surnamed Le Normant, which lieth be|twixt the riuer of Epte and Andell. This countrie belonged somtime to Normandie, but Geffrey earle of Aniou the dukes father had resigned it to the French king, to the end he should not aid king Ste|phan. The duke also burned the castels of Bascher|uisle, Chitrey, Stirpiney, and the castell of Fort, that belonged to Hugh de Gourney, with diuerse other. About the end of August he left his townes in Nor|mandie sufficientlie furnished with garisons of soul|diers, and went into Aniou, where he besieged the ca|stell de mount Sotelli, till he had taken it, and all those that were within it, amongst whome was the lord thereof named William. The French king on the other side entring into Normandie, burnt part of the borough of Rieule, and either then or shortlie after that duke Henrie was gone ouer into Eng|land,The castell of Uernon. Simon Dun. he tooke the towne and castell of Uernon.

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