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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The lord Henrie Fitzempresse after all these businesses returned into England,The L. Hen|rie returneth into England in the moneth of May, with a great companie of men of warre both horssemen and footmen: Anno Reg. 14. 1149 by reason whereof many re|uolted from king Stephan to take part with him: whereas before they sat still, and would not attempt any exploit against him. But now incouraged with the presence of the lord Henrie, they declared them|selues freends to him, and enimies to the king. Im|mediatlie after his arriuall, he tooke with him the earles of Chester and Hereford, Ranulfe and Roger, and diuers other Noble men and knights of great fame, beside those whom he had brought with him out of Normandie, and went vnto Carleil, where he found his coosin Dauid king of Scotland, of whome he was most ioifullie receiued: and vpon Whitsun|day with great solemnitie, being not past sixtéene yeares of age,He is made knight. R. Houed. was by the same king made knight, with diuerse other yoong gentlemen that were much about the same age.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶Some write, that the king of Scots receiued an oth of him before he gaue him the honor of knight|hood, that if he chanced to atteine vnto the possession of the realme of England, he should restore to the Scots the towne of Newcastle, with the countrie of Northumberland, from the riuer of Twéed, to the ri|uer of Tine. But whether it were so or not, I am not able to make warrantize.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now king Stephan hearing that the king of Scots, and his aduersarie the lord Henrie with the chéefest lords of the west parts of England lay thus in Carleil, he raised an armie, and came to the citie of Yorke, where he remained for the most part of the moneth of August,K. Stephan with an armie commeth to Yorke. fearing least his enimies should attempt the winning of that citie. But after the one part had remained a time in Carleil, and the other in Yorke, they departed from both those places without any further exploit for that season, sauing that Eu|stachius king Stephans sonne (hauing also latelie receiued the order of knighthood) did much hurt in the countries which belonged to those Noble men that were with the lord Henrie.

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