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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane season, Anno Reg. 12. 1147 the vniust procéedings of K. Stephan against the earle of Chester, purchased him new hatred of his old aduersaries, and like supicion of such as were his freends, for it sounded not a little to his dishonor. Euerie man therefore was in doubt of his dealing, Simon Dun. K. Stephan entreth into Lincolne with his crowne on his head. and iudged that it stood them vpon to take héed to themselues. But he (as one that thought he had atchiued some high exploit) in triumphant wise shortlie after entred into Lincolne in his roiall robes, and his crowne on his head, whereas it had EEBO page image 57 not béene heard that any king had doone the like ma|nie yeares before.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶ It is reported by some writers, that he did this, to root out of mens minds a foolish superstitious con|ceit, which beléeued that no king with his crowne vp|on his head might enter that citie, but some mis|chance should light vpon him: wherevpon he seemed by this meanes to mocke their superstitious imagi|nation.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time manie of the Nobles of the realme (perceiuing the kings authoritie to represse violent wrongs committed by euill dooers to be de|fectiue) builded sundrie strong castels and fortresses vpon their owne grounds, either to defend them|selues, or to make force vpon their enimies néere adioining. After the departing of the king from Lincolne, the earle of Chester came thither with an armie, to assaie if he might recouer that citie. But his lieutenant that had the leading of his men, was slaine at the entring of the northgate, and so the erle was beaten backe with the losse of manie of his men: Simon Dun. and the citizens hauing got the vpper hand, re|ioised not a little for the victorie.

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