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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the yeare following; namelie, in the 10. Matth. Paris. Simon Dun. yeare of king Stephans reigne, Robert earle of Glocester and other capteins tooke in hand to build a castell at Faringdon. Anno. Reg. 10. 1145 But king Stephan assembling an ar|mie of Londoners and other,A castell built at Faring|don. Hen. Hunt. came thither, and besie|ged them within. Now whilest earle Robert and o|thers of the empresses capteins remaining not far off, taried for a greater power to come to their aid, the king with sharpe assaults (but not without losse of his men) wan the fortresse:The king winneth it by force. whereby his side be|gan to wax the stronger, and to be more highlie ad|uanced. After this he came with a mightie armie vn|to Wallingford, Anno Reg. 11. 1146 and there builded a strong castell ouer against the other castell which his aduersaries held against him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Thither also came the earle of Chester with a great traine of knights and gentlemen vnto the king, Ran. Higd. Matth. Paris. N. Triuet. Simon Dun. and so at length they were not vnfeignedlie accorded and made freends, but in apperance on the kings behalfe. For shortlie after, the earle was craftilie taken at a parlement holden at Northampton, by the practise of K. Stephan, and could not be deliuered, till he had surrendred the citie and castell of Lincolne, with o|ther fortresses perteining to the crowne into the kings hands. Ran. Higd. The Welsh|men wafte Cheshire. Ger. Dor. About that time did the Welshmen destroie the prouince of Chester, but at last they were distressed. This yeare also the lord Geffrey earle of Aniou sent thrée Noble men into England, accom|panied with certeine men of warre, vnto earle Ro|bert, requesting him to send ouer his sonne Henrie into France, that he might sée him, and if need requi|red, he promised to send him backe againe with all conuenient speed. Earle Robert was contented to satisfie his request: and so with a good power of ar|med men brought the lord Henrie vnto Warham, where he tooke leaue of him, neuer after to sée him in this world. For when the child was transpor|ted, earle Robert returned spéedilie to the parties from whence he came, and there falling into an ague,The earle of Glocester departeth this life. departed this life about the beginning of Nouem|ber, and was buried at Bristow. The lord Henrie comming to his father, was ioifully receiued, and re|mained in those parties for the space of two yeares and foure moneths.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane season, Anno Reg. 12. 1147 the vniust procéedings of K. Stephan against the earle of Chester, purchased him new hatred of his old aduersaries, and like supicion of such as were his freends, for it sounded not a little to his dishonor. Euerie man therefore was in doubt of his dealing, Simon Dun. K. Stephan entreth into Lincolne with his crowne on his head. and iudged that it stood them vpon to take héed to themselues. But he (as one that thought he had atchiued some high exploit) in triumphant wise shortlie after entred into Lincolne in his roiall robes, and his crowne on his head, whereas it had EEBO page image 57 not béene heard that any king had doone the like ma|nie yeares before.

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