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Compare 1577 edition: 1 After hir departure from Oxford, Polydor. Simon Dun. N. Triuet. the townesmen yeelded vnto the king, who hauing taken order for the kéeping of them in obedience, marched toward Walingford, minding to besiege the castell there: but being encountred in the way by his enimies, he was driuen backe, and so constreined to turne ano|ther waie. Anno Reg. 8. 1143 Earle Robert hearing that his sister was escaped and gotten to Wallingford, hasted thither with all spéed to visit hir:The empresse hir sonne lord Henrie. & (as some write) brought with him hir sonne the lord Henrie that was come with him from beyond the seas, to sée his mother: so that the empresse now beholding both hir sonne and brother, receiued them with all the ioy and honour that she could or might presentlie make them. Hir son remaining vnder the gouernement of earle Ro|bert, was then appointed by him to abide within the citie of Bristow, & there continued for the space of 4. yéeres, being committed to one Matthew his schoole|maister, to be instructed in knowledge, and trained vp in ciuill behauiour.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Stephan (after the spoiling of sundrie chur|ches, the robbing and burning of manie townes and villages by the hands of his hired souldiers, who for the more part were Flemings) came at leng [...]h with his brother the bishop of Winchester stronglie ar|med vnto Wilton,The king commeth to wilton. where he tooke in hand to fortifie the nunrie in steed of a castell, to resist the incursi|ons and inrodes of them of Salisburie, who in the behalfe of the empresse had doone manie displeasures vnto his fréends: but earle Robert vnderstanding of his dooings, got a power togither with all speed, and the first daie of Iulie about sunne setting came to Wilton, and suddenlie set the towne on fire.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king being lodged within the nunrie, and fea|ring no such matter, after he heard of the sudden as|semblie of his enimies, was put in such feare, that he tooke himselfe dishonourablie to flight, leauing his men, his plate, and other riches altogither behind EEBO page image 56 him. Wil. Paru. Sim Dun. M. Triuet. Matt. Paris. The earles souldiers egerlie assailed the kings people, killed and spoiled them at their pleasure, rifled the kings treasurie without resistance, and satisfied themselues with greedines. In this broile was Wil|liam Marcell or Martell taken prisoner by earle Ro|berts men, & led to the castell of Wallingford, where Brian the earle of Glocesters sonne hauing charge of that castell, kept him in close prison, and vsed him hardlie, who by reason of the opinion which men had conceiued of his valiancie, could not be deliuered, till he had paid 300. marks for his ransome, and deliue|red the castell of Shirborne into the earles hands. Within a few daies after,Miles earle of Hereford deceased. Miles earle of Hereford departed this life, whose death was verie gréeuouslie taken of the empresse, for he was one of hir chéefe fréends and councellers. His eldest sonne Roger suc|céeded him, a gentleman though yoong in yeares, yet valiant and forward in feats of armes. William Mandeuile earle of Essex, Ger. Dor. The earle of Essex taken. an ancient capteine, & an expert warriour (who had serued the empresse, was taken also at S. Albons) but not without great slaughter of the kings souldiers: in so much that a|mong other, the erle of Arundell mounted on a cou|ragious palfrie & a verie valiant man was ouer|throwen in the middest of a water called Haliwell, by a knight named Walkeline de Orcaie, so that the same earle was sore bruised in his bodie,The earle of Arundell. and al|most drowned. The king was present himselfe at the taking of the said Mandeuile, whom he spoiled of all his goods, N. Triuet. Wil. Paru. and constreined by way of redempti|on of his libertie, to deliuer into the kings hands the Tower of London, the castell of Walden, and Ple|shey. Herevpon the same earle being released was driuen through pouertie to seeke some recouerie of his losses by sundrie spoiles and roberies. First of all therefore he spoiled the abbeie of S. Albons, Anno Reg. 9. 1144 and then the abbeie of Ramsey, which he fortified and defen|ded as a fortresse, Hen. Hunt. casting the moonks out of doores, and in euerie place where soeuer he came, he robbed the countrie before him, till at length in the midst of his reuenge and malicious dooings, he was shot tho|rough with an arrow amongst his men by a sillie footman, and so ended his life with confusion, recei|uing worthie punishment for his vngodlie behaui|our. For he was a man of high stomach & loftie cou|rage, Sim. Dunel. Iohn Pike. Matth. West. N. Triuet. but verie obstinate against God, of great in|dustrie in worldlie businesse, but passing negligent towards his maker, as writers report of him.

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