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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The rumor of this flight being notified to the maine battell of the Scotish men, where king Dauid him|selfe was fighting with his enimies,The Scots put to flight. discomfited them also, in such wise, that they in like sort began to EEBO page image 50 shrinke backe: first by parts, and after by heaps togi|ther. The king did what he could to staie them: but the English pressed so vpon them, that there was no re|couerie. Wherefore he himselfe was glad in the end to beare his men companie, in séeking to saue him|selfe by flight, and make such shift as he could a|mongst the residue.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Henrie earle of Hunting|ton his vali|ancie.His sonne Henrie the earle of Huntington more regarding his honour, than the danger of life, neither mooued with the flight of his father, nor the ouerthrow of the other, came in amongst his men, being readie to turne their backes, and with bold countenance spake these or the like words vnto them, as the short|nesse of the time would permit.

Whither go you good fellowes? Here shall you find armour and force, neither shall you, whilest life remaineth in your cap|teine (whom ye ought to follow) depart without the victorie. Therefore choose whether yee had rather trie the matter with the enimies by battell, or to be put to a shamefull death at home after your returne thi|ther.
The Scots mooued with these vehement words of their valiant capteine, recoiled vpon their eni|mies, and began to make hauocke of them: but be|ing no great number, and beset with the English footmen before, and the horssemen behind, they were shortlie brought to distresse, and for the more part ei|ther taken or slaine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 At length earle Henrie perceiuing how the mat|ter went, and that there was no hope left of recoue|rie, fled also with those that could escape, bitterlie cur|sing the frowardnesse of fortune, and mishap of that daies chance. The number of them that were killed at this battell was aboue ten thousand. Polydor. Hen. Hunt. The number. In which number there were not manie of the English: but yet among other, Walter Lacie the brother of Gil|bert Lacie, one of their cheefe capteines is remem|bred to be one. Simon Dun. Matth. Paris. Wil. Paru. Polydor. This battell was fought in the mo|neth of August, in the fourth of king Stephan, who hearing of this victorie, greatlie reioised, and gaue infinite commendations to his subiects (the En|glishmen and the Normans) but principallie prai|sed archbishop Thurstan and the bishop of Durham for their faithfull and diligent seruice shewed in this behalfe.

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