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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Hauing thus with good successe finished this en|terprise, Anno Reg. 2. 1137 and being now aduertised of the businesse in Normandie, he sailed thither with a great armie: and being come within two daies iournie of his eni|mie the earle of Aniou,K. Stephan passeth into Normandie. he sent foorth his whole power of horssemen, diuided into three parts, which were not gone past a daies iournie forward, but they en|countred the earle, finding him with no great force about him.The earle of Aniou put to flight. Wherevpon giuing the charge vpon him, they put him to flight, and slue manie of his people. Which enterprise in this maner valiantlie atchiued, euen according to the mind of king Stephan, he ioi|ned in freendship with Lewes the seuenth king of France:Lewes king of France. Eustace son to king Ste|phan. and hauing latelie created his sonne Eu|stace duke of Normandie, he presentlie appointed him to doo his homage vnto the said Lewes for the same.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Matth. Paris. Theobald erle of Blois.Now whereas his elder brother Theobald earle of Blois at that time in Normandie, found him|selfe greeued, that Stephan the yoonger brother had vsurped the lands that belonged to their vncle king Henrie, rather than himselfe, Stephan to stop this iust complaint of his brother, and to allaie his mood, agréed with him,K. Stephan agreeth with the earle of Aniou. couenanting to paie him yearelie two thousand marks of such currant monie as was then in vse. Furthermore, wheras Geffrey the earle of Aniou demanded in right of his wife the empresse the whole kingdome of England, to be at an end with him, king Stephan was contented to satisfie him with a yearelie pension of fiue thousand marks, which composition he willinglie receiued.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Thus when he had prouided for the suertie of Nor|mandie, Polydor. he returned againe into England, where he was no sooner arriued, but aduertisement was gi|uen him of a warre newlie beg [...]n with the Scots, whose king vnder a colour of obseruing the oth to the empresse,The Scots inuade the English bor|ders. made dailie insurrections and inua|sions into England, to the great disturbance of king Stephan and the annoiance of his people. Wherwith being somewhat mooued, he went streightwaies to|ward the north parts, and determined first to besiege Bedford by the waie, which apperteined to the earle|dome of Huntington, by gift made vnto Henrie the sonne of king Dauid, and therevpon at that present kept with a garison of Scotish men.

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