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Stephan earle of Bullongne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 _STephan earle of Bullong|ne, the sonne of Stephan erle of Blois,1135 Anno Reg [...]. by his wife Adela, daughter to William Con|querour, came ouer with all speed after the death of his vncle, and tooke vpon him the gouernement of the realme of England, partlie through confidence which he had in the puissance and strength of his brother Theobald earle of Blois, and partlie by the aid of his brother Henrie bishop of Winchester and abbat of Gla|stenburie, although that he with other of the Nobles had sworne afore to be true vnto the empresse and hir issue as lawfull heires of king Henrie latelie de|ceassed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The same day that he arriued in England, there chanced a mightie great tempest of thunder horrible to heare,A tempest. Matth. West. and lightning dreadfull to behold. Now bi|cause this happened in the winter time, it séemed a|gainst nature, and therefore it was the more noted as a foreshewing of some trouble and calamitie to come.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This Stephan began his reigne ouer the realme of England the second day of December, in the yere of our Lord 1135. in the eleuenth yeare of the empe|rour Lothair, the sixt of pope Innocentius the se|cond, and about the xxvij. of Lewes the seuenth, sur|named Crassus king of France, Dauid the first of that name then reigning in Scotland, & entring in|to the twelfe of his regiment. He was crowned at Westminster vpon S. Stephans day, Matth. Paris Wil. Mal. Simon Dun. by William archbishop of Canturburie, the most part of the No|bles of the realme being present, and swearing feal|tie vnto him, as to their true and lawfull souereigne.

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