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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the yeare ensuing, Anno Reg. 28 Matth. Paris. 1128 king Henrie meaning to cause the French king to withdrawe his helping hand from his nephue William earle of Flanders, passed foorth of Normandie with an armie, and inua|ding France, remained for the space of eight daies at Hipard, in as good quiet as if he had béene within his owne dominions, and finallie obteined that of the French king which he sought for; namelie, his re|fusall to aid his nephue the said earle of Flanders. Who at length contending with other that claimed the earledome, chanced this yeare to be wounded, Anno Reg. 29. Ia. Meir. as he pursued his enimies vnto the walles of a towne called Alhust, and soone after died of the hurt the 16. of August.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶ It was thought that the great felicitie of king Henrie was the chiefe occasion of this earles death,William earl [...] of Flanders deceaseth of a wound. who meant (if he might haue brought his purpose to passe, and be once quietlie set in the dominion of Flanders) to haue attempted some great enterprise against king Henrie for the recouerie of Norman|die, and deliuerie of his father out of prison.The fortunat & good hap of K. Henrie. Which was knowen well inough to king Henrie, who mainteined those that made him warre at home, both with men and monie; namelie,William d [...] Hypres. William of Hy|pres, who tooke vpon him as regent in the name of Stephan earle of Bullongne, whome king Henrie procured to make claime to Flanders also, in the ti|tle of his grandmother queene Maud, wife to Wil|liam Conqueror. But to procéed with our historie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 When king Henrie had sped his businesse in Nor|mandie,1129 Anno Reg. 30. where he had remained a certeine space both about the conclusion and solemnizing of the mariage made betwixt his daughter Maud the empresse and the earle of Aniou, and also to see the end of the wars in Flanders, he now returned into England, where he called a great councell or parlement at London, in August:1130 Anno Reg. 31. wherein (amongst other things) it was decreed, that préests, which liued vnchastlie, should be punished, and that by the kings permission,

Matth. Paris. Polydor.

An act against vnchast préests.

who here|by tooke occasion to serue his owne turne: for he re|garded not the reformation which the bishops tru|sted (by his plaine dealing) would haue followed, but put those préests to their fines that were accused, and suffered them to kéepe their wiues still in house with them, which offended the bishops greatlie, who would haue had them sequestred asunder.

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