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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But to returne to the historie. King Henrie be|ing thus depriued of issue to succeed him, did not a little lament that infortunate chance: but yet to restore that losse, shortlie after, euen the 10.1121 Anno Reg. 22. of Aprill next ensuing, Eadmerus. Hen. Hunt. The king ma|rieth againe. he maried his second wife named A|delicia, a ladie of excellent beautie, and noble conditi|ons, daughter to the duke of Louaine, and descen|ded of the noble dukes of Loraine, howbeit he could EEBO page image 42 neuer haue any issue by hir. Eadmerus. The archbishop Thur|stan (after the manner of obteining suites in the court of Rome) found such fauour at the hands of pope Calixt,The pope wri|teth to king Henrie, in fa|uour of the archbishop Thurstan, & accurseth him with the archbishop of Canturburie. that he directed his letters as well to king Henrie, as to Rafe archbishop of Canturbu|rie, by vertue whereof he accursed them both, and in|terdicted as well the prouince of Yorke as Cantur|burie from the vse of all maner of sacraments; from baptisme of infants, the penance of them that died onelie excepted: if archbishop Thurstan were not suffered (within one moneth next after the receipt of those letters) to inioy his see, without compelling him to make any promise of subiection at all. The king to be out of trouble, permitted Thurstan to returne into the realme, and so repaire vnto Yorke; but with condition, that he should not exercise any iurisdicti|on out of his owne diocesse as metropolitane, till he had confessed his obstinat errour, and acknowleged his obedience to the church of Canturburie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1

The Welsh|men make sturres.


The king rai|seth an armie to go against the Welshmen.

Whilest these things were thus a dooing, king He [...]|rie was aduertised, that the Welshmen breaking the peace, did much hurt on the marshes, & speciallie in Cheshire where they had burned two castels. Mea|ning therefore to be reuenged on them to the vtter|most, he assembled an armie out of all parts of his realme, and entred with the same into Wales. The Welshmen, hearing that the king was come with such puissance to inuade them, were afraid, and forth|with sent ambassadours, beséeching him to grant them pardon and peace.The Welsh|men sue for peace. The king mooued with their humble petitions, tooke hostages of them, & remitted them for that time, considering that in mainteining of warre against such maner of people, there was more feare of losse than hope of gaine.More doubt of losse than hope of gaine, by the warres against the Welshmen. But yet to prouide for the quietnes of his subiects which inhabi|ted néere the marshes, that they shuld not be ouerrun and harried dailie by them (as oftentimes before they had béene) he appointed Warren earle of Shrewes|burie to haue the charge of the marshes, that peace might be the better kept and mainteined in the countrie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Simon Dun. A chanell cast from Torksey to Lincolne.Soone after king Henrie caused a chanell to be cast along the countrie in Lincolnshire, from Tork|sey to the citie of Lincolne, that vessels might haue passage out of the riuer of Trent vnto the same. Moreouer, Rafe bishop of Durham began to build the castell of Norham,Norham ca|stell built. H. Hunt. vpon the banke of the riuer of Twéed.

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