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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But now to returne againe to the two princes. Not long after the departure of the pope from G [...]i|sors, Simon Dun. Anno Reg. [...]1. Foulke earle of Anio [...] found meanes to make an agréement betwixt king Henrie & king Lewes, EEBO page image 41 so that William sonne to king Henrie did homage vnto king Lewes for the duchie of Normandie.The kings of England and France are accorded. Wil. Malm. And further it was accorded betwéene them, that all those that had borne a [...]mour either on the one side or the o|ther, should be pardoned, whose subiects soeuer they were. Eadmerus. In like maner, Rafe archbishop of Cantur|burie returned into England, after he had remai|ned long in Normandie, bicause of the controuersie betwixt him and Thurstan archbishop of Yorke, as is aforesaid.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now shortlie after his returne to Canturburie, messengers came with letters from Alexander king of Scotland vnto him, signifieng, that where the sée of S. Andrews was void,Alexander K. of Scots. the same king did in|stantlie require him to send ouer Eadmer a moonke of Canturburie (of whome he had heard great com|mendation for his sufficiencie of vertue and lear|ning) to be seated there. ¶ This Eadmer is the same which wrote the historie intituled Historia nouo|rum in Anglia, out of which (as may appeare) we haue gathered the most part of our matters concerning Anselme and Rafe archbishops of Canturburie,Eadmer An|selmes disci|ple. in whose daies he liued, and was Anselmes disciple.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Archbishop Rafe was contented to satisfie the request of king Alexander in that behalfe, and obtei|ning the consent of king Henrie, he sent the said E|admer into Scotland with letters of commendati|on vnto the said king Alexander, who receiued him right ioiullie, and vpon the third daie after his com|ming thither (being the feast of the apostles Peter & Paule) he was elected archbishop of S. Andrews by the clergie and people of the land, to the great re|ioicing of Alexander, and the rest of the Nobilitie. The next daie after the king talked with him secret|lie of his consecration, and vttered to him how he had no mind to haue him consecrated at the hands of Thurstan archbishop of Yorke. In which case when he was informed by the said Eadmer, that no such thing needed to trouble his mind, since the arch|bishop [...] Canturburie, being primate of all Bri|taine, might consecrate him as reason was; the king could not away with that answer, bicause he would not heare that the church of Canturburie should be preferred before the church of S. Andrews. Herevp|on he departed from Eadmer in displeasure, and cal|ling one William (sometime moonke of S. Ed|mundsbury) vnto him, a man also that had gouerned (or rather spoiled) the church of S. Andrews in the va|cation: this William was commanded to take vpon him the charge thereof againe, at the kings pleasure, whose meaning was vtterlie to remooue Eadmer, as not worthie of that roome. Howbeit, within a moneth after (to satisfie the minds of his Nobles) he called for the said Eadmer,Eadmer re|ceiueth his staffe from an altar. and with much adoo got him to receiue the staffe of that bishoprike, taking it from an altar whereon it laie (as if he shuld haue that dignitie at the Lords hands) whereby he was inuested, & went streight to S. Andrews church, where he was receiued by the quier, the schollers, and all the people, for true and lawfull bishop.

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