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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this meane time, the warres were busilie pur|sued betwixt the two kings of England & France, and a battell was fought betweene them,1119 Anno Reg. 20. with great slaughter on both sides for the space of nine houres.The two kings of Eng+land & France ioine battell. King Henrie hurt in the battell. The forewards on both parties were beaten downe and ouerthrowne; and king Henrie receiued sundrie stripes on his head at the hands of one Wil|liam Crispine countie de Eureux, so as (though his helmet were verie strong and sure) the bloud burst out of his mouth: wherewith he was nothing afraid, but like a fierce lion laid more lustilie about him, and stroke downe diuerse of his enimies, namelie the said Crispine, who was there taken prisoner at the kings feet.The earle of Eureux taken prisoner. Now were the kings people incouraged at the valiancie and prowesse of their king and chief|taine, so that at length they opened and ouercame the maine battell, and setting vpon the rereward, ouer|threw the whole armie of France, which neuer recoi|led, but fought it out euen to the vttermost. There died and were taken prisoners in this conflict manie thousands of men. The French king leauing the field, got him vnto a place called Andelie:Andelei. and the king of England, recouering a towne by the waie called Nicasium, which the French king had latelie woone, returned vnto Rouen,Nicasium. where he was with great triumph receiued, and highlie commended for his noble victorie thus atchiued.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The earle of Flanders (as some write) was so wounded in this battell, that he died thereof. Matth. Paris. Ia. M [...]ir. But o|thers affirme, that cõming into Normandie in the yeare last past, to make warre against king Henrie in fauour of king Lewes, he wan the towne of An|delie, and an other which they name Aquae Nicasij. But as he was come before the towne of Augen in the moneth of September, and assailed the same, he receiued his deaths wound in the head,

The earle of Flanders wounded. He departed this life.

Foulke earle of Aniou be|came the king of Englands man.

wherevpon returning home in the ninth moneth after, when he could not be cured of his hurt, he departed this life at Rosilare the 17. daie of Iune.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Shortlie after Foulke earle of Aniou (who before had aided the French king against king Henrie) be|came now kings Henries freend by aliance, mari|eng his daughter to William king Henries eldest sonne. But the French king (as their histories make mention) minding still to be reuenged of the earle Theobald, inuaded his countrie againe with a puis|sant armie, and had destroied the citie of Chartres, which belonged vnto the same earle, had not the citi|zens humbled themselues to his mercie: and so like|wise did the earle, as may be thought. For in the warres which immediatlie followed betwixt Lewes and the emperour Henrie, the erle aided the French king against the same emperour to the vttermost of his power. Soone after this, the king came to an enteruiew with pope Calixtus at Gisors,The king and the pope come to an enter| [...]ew at Gisors where ma|nie matters were talked of betwixt them: and a|mongst other, the king required of the pope a grant of all such liberties as his father enioied within the limits of England and Normandie, and chéefeli [...], that no legat should haue any thing to doo within England, except he required to haue one sent him for some vrgent cause.

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