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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg. 11.About the same time the cause of the mariage of préests and their keeping of women came againe in|to question,Préests pro|hibited to ma|rie or kéepe women, so that by the kings commandement, they were more streightlie forbidden the companie of women than before in Anselmes time. For after his deceasse, diuerse of them (as it were promising to themselues a new libertie to doo that which in his life time they were constreined sore against their willes to forbeare) deceiued themselues by their hastie dealing. For the king being informed thereof, by the force of the ecclesiasticall lawes compelled them to stand to and obeie the decree of the councell hol|den at London by Anselme (as before ye haue heard) at least wise in the sight of men. But if so it be (saieth Eadmerus) that the préests attempt to doo worsse, as it were to the condemnation and reproofe of Anselmes dooings, let the charge light on their heads, sith euerie man shall beare his owne burthen: for I know (saith he) that if fornicatours and adulte|rers God will iudge, the abusers of their one cousins (I will not say their owne sisters and daughters) shall not suerlie escape his iudgement.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The riuer of Trent dried vp.About the same time manie woonders were seene and heard of. The riuer of Trent néere to Noting|ham, for the space of a mile ceassed to run the woon|ted course during the time of foure & twentie houres, so that the chanell being dried vp, men might passe o|uer to and fro drie shod.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Monsters.Also a sow brought foorth a pig with a face like a man, & a chicken was hatched with foure feet. More|ouer a comet or blasing star appéered in a strange sort:A comet. Wil. Thorne. Matth. West. for rising in the east, when it once came aloft in the firmament, it kept not the course forward, but seemed to go backeward, as if it had bin retrograde.

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