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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Notwithstanding all this, vpon the 21. of Aprill insuing,1109 Anno Reg. 10. Anselme ended his life in the sixtéenth yéere after his first preferment to that sée, being thréescore and sixtéene yeeres of age. He was an Italian, borne in Piemont, Augusta Prae|toriana néere to the Alpes, in a citie called Ao|sta, he was brought vp by Lanfranke, and before he was made archbishop, was abbat of the monasterie of Bechellouin in Normandie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Matth. West. The first erec|tion of the bi|shoprike of Elie. Eadmerus. About the same time was the bishops sée of Elie erected by the king, who appointed one Haruie to be the first bishop there, who before had béene bishop of Bangor. Cambridgeshire was annexed to that see, which bicause it had of former time belonged to the see of Lincolne, the king gaue vnto the bishop of Lincolne (as it were in recompense) the towne of Spalding which was his owne. The prior of Elie, named Richard,Richard prior of Elie. desirous to honour himselfe and his house with the title of a bishops dignitie, procured the erection of that bishoprike, first moouing the king therein, and after persuading with the bishop of Lin|colne to grant his good will: but yet yer the matter was brought to perfection, this prior died, and so the said Haruie enioied the roome: wherein the prouer be tooke place, that One soweth, but an other reapeth (as Polydor alledgeth it.) But to procéed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Polydor. Shortlie after the deceasse of Anselme, a Legat came from Rome, Eadmerus. bringing with him the pall for the archbishop of Yorke.A legate from Rome. Howbeit now that Anselme was dead, the said Legat wist not what to doo in the matter, bicause he was appointed to deliuer the pall first and immediatlie vnto Anselme, and further therein to deale (concerning the bestowing thereof) as should séeme good vnto him.

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