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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 These wars being thus finished, and the countrie set in quiet, which through the méere folie of duke Ro|bert was woonderfullie impouerished, the king re|ceiued the keies of all the townes and castels that belonged either to the duke or the earle of Mor|taigne, and furnished the same with garisons to be kept for his behoofe. Hauing thus pacified the coun|trie of Normandie, he came to Bec or Bechellou [...]n, Matth. West. where archbishop Anselme then remained, whome by mediation of freends he receiued to fauour againe,Anselme re|turneth home. and sending him ouer into England, immediatlie after followed himselfe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Duke Robert being also spoiled of his domini|ons, lands and liberties,Duke Robert prisoner in the castell of Car|diff. was shortlie committed to prison within the castell of Cardiff in Wales, where he remained about the space of 26. yeares, and then died. He gouerned the duchie of Normandie 19. yeares, he was a perfect and expert warrior, Gemeticensis. & com|parable with the best capiteines that then liued, had he béene somwhat more warie and circumspect in his affaires, and therewithall constant in his opinion. Polydor. His woorthie acts valiantlie and fortunatlie atchi|ued against the infidels, are notified to the world by manie and sundrie writers, to his high commenda|tion and long lasting praise. It is said also, that he was after his taking once set at libertie by king Henrie, and bound to forsweare the realme of Eng|land and Normandie, being appointed to auoid with|in the space of 40. daies, and twelue houres. But bi|cause he was perceiued to practise somewhat against the king, he was eftsoones taken againe, and hauing his eies put out, committed to prison, where finallie worne through age and gréefe of mind, he ended his miserable life. ¶ The forme of banishing men out of the realme, was ordeined by Edward the Confes|sor, and remained as a law in vse till these our daies, for the benefit of them which fled to any church or o|ther priuiledged place, thereby to escape the punish|ment of death due for their offenses. By a latter cu|stome it was also deuised, that they should beare a crosse in their hand, as a signe that they were pardo|ned of life, for the holie place sake where they sought for succour.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But duke Robert (as it should appeere by that which others write) found no such fauour, Ma [...]th. West. saue onlie libertie to walke abroad in the kings forrests, parks, and chases néere the place where he was appointed to remaine; so that vpon a daie, as he was walking a|broad, he got a horsse, and with all post hast rode his wai [...], in hope to haue escaped: howbeit his kéepers being aduised thereof, followed him with hue and crie, and at length ouertooke him in a medow, where he had laid his horsse vp to the bellie in a quauemire. Then being brought backe, his kéepers kept him in close prison, aduertising the king of his demeanour: EEBO page image 34 wherevpon he commanded that the sight of his eies should be put out, but so, as the balles of them should remaine vnbroken, for the auoiding of a noisome deformitie that otherwise would ensue, if the glassie tunicles should take hurt.

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