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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In one of the letters which the said pope wrote vnto Anselme (after that the king was contented to renounce the inuestitures aforesaid) he willed An|selme, according to the promise which he had made, to assoile as well from sinne as from penance due for the same, both the king and his wife queene Maud, with all such persons of honour as in this behalfe had trauelled with the king to induce him to be agréea|able to his purpose.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, the earle of Mellent, and Richard de Riuers (who had counselled the king to stand stoutlie in the matter,The earle of Mellent. and not to giue ouer his title of such in|uesritures, sith his ancestors had vsed them so long a time before his daies, Anno Reg. 4. by reason whereof, in renoun|cing his right to the same, he should doo a thing great|lie preiudiciall to his roiall estate and princelie maie|stie) were now earnest labourers to agree the king and the pope,The K. per|suaded to re|nounce his ti|tle to the inue|stiture of pre|lats. Eadmerus. in so much that in the end the king was persuaded by Anselme and them to let go his hold, resigning the inuestitures with staffe and ring; not|withstanding that, he reserued the right of elections, and such other roialties as otherwise apperteined to to his maiestie, so that such bishops as had doone ho|mage to the king, were not disabled thereby, but qui|etlie permitted to receiue their iurisdictions.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About this time Robert duke of Normandie came into England to see his brother:Duke Robert commeth into England to visit his bro|ther. who through the su|gred words and sweet enterteinment of the king, re|leased the yeerelie tribute of 3000. markes, which he should haue had out of the realme vpon agreement (as before ye haue heard) but cheefelie indéed at the request of the queene, being instructed by hir husband how she should deale with him that was knowne to be frée and liberall, without any great consideration what he presentlie granted.

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