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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This businesse being in this maner ordered, the ambassadours were licenced to depart, who recei|uing at the popes hands great rewards, and Gerard the archbishop of Yorke his pall, they shortlie after returned into England, declaring vnto the king the popes decrée and sentence. The king being still other|wise persuaded, and looking for other newes, was no|thing pleased with this matter. Long it was yer he would giue ouer his claime, or yéeld to the popes EEBO page image 32 iudgement, till that in processe of time, ouercome with the earnest sute of Anselme, he granted to ob [...]ie the popes order herein, though (as it should appeare) right sore against his will.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this meane time, [...]he king had seized into his hands the possessions of the archbishop of Canturbu|rie, Wil. Malm. and banished Anselme, so that he staied at Lions in France for the space of one yeare and foure mo|neths, during which time there passed manie letters and messages to and fro. The pope also wrote to king Henrie in verie courteous maner, exhorting him to call Anselme home againe, and to release his claime to the inuestitures of bishops,The pope writeth cour|teouslie to the king. wherevnto he could haue no right, sith it apperteined not to the office of any temporall magistrate: adding furthermore, if the king would giue ouer that vngodlie and vsurped custome, that he would shew such fréendlie fauour in all things, as by the sufferance of God in any wise he might be able to performe, and further would re|ceiue not onelie him, but also his yoong sonne Wil|liam (whom latelie it had pleased God to send him by his vertuous wife queene Maud) into his pro|tection, so that who so euer did hurt either of them, should be thought to hurt the holie church of Rome.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In one of the letters which the said pope wrote vnto Anselme (after that the king was contented to renounce the inuestitures aforesaid) he willed An|selme, according to the promise which he had made, to assoile as well from sinne as from penance due for the same, both the king and his wife queene Maud, with all such persons of honour as in this behalfe had trauelled with the king to induce him to be agréea|able to his purpose.

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