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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now to returne where we left. After that king William Rufus had giuen order for the building, Anno Reg. 6. fortifieng, and peopling of Carleil, he returned south|wards, and came to Glocester, where he fell into a greeuous and dangerous sicknesse; so that he was in despaire and doubt of his life: wherefore he repented him of his former misdéeds, Simon Dun. Hen. Hunt. Matth Paris. The king be|ing sicke pro|miseth amend|ment of life. Polydor. Eadmerus. and promised (if he esca|ped that dangerous sicknesse) to amend and become a new man. But when he had his health, that pro|mise was quickelie broken, for his dooings which were so bad and wicked before his sicknesse, being compared with those which followed after his recoue|rie, might haue béene reputed good and sufferable.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Moreouer, whereas he reteined and kept in his hands the bishoprike of Canturburie the space of foure yeares, he now bestowed it vpon Anselme, who was before abbat of Bechellouin in Normandie;Anselme elec|ted archbishop of Cantur|burie. and for certeine abbeis which he had held long time in his possession, he ordeined abbats: by meane wher|of all men (but especiallie the spiritualtie) began to conceiue a verie good opinion of him. The yere where|in Anselme was thus elected, was from the birth of our Sauiour 1093. on the sixt of March, being the first sundaie in Lent (as Eadmerus recordeth. Eadmerus. ) Fur|thermore he gaue the see of Lincolne (being void by the death of bishop Remigius) to his councellour Ro|bert Bluet; Matth. Paris. Polydor. Robert Blu|et L. Chan|celor elected bishop of Lin|colne. but afterward repenting himselfe of such liberalitie, in that he had not kept it longer in his hands towards the inriching of his coffers, he de|uised a shift how to wipe the bishops nose of some of his gold, which he performed after this maner. He caused the bishop to be sued, quarelinglie charging him that he had wrongfullie vsurped certeine posses|sions, togither with the citie of Lincolne, which apper|teined to the sée of Yorke. Which although it was but a forged cauillation, and a shamefull vntruth; yet could not the bishop be deliuered out of that trou|ble, Hen. Hunt. till he had paid to the king fiue thousand pounds. And as he dealt with the spiritualtie, so he caused diuerse of the Nobilitie to be put to gréeuous fines, for transgressing of his lawes, though the fault were neuer so little. He also caused the archbishop Anselme to paie him a great summe of monie, vnder colour of a contribution which was due in Lanfrankes daies, though it was certeinlie knowne that Lanfranke had paied it. Thus grew king William from time to time more sharpe and rigorous to his subiects, so that whosoeuer came within the danger of the laws, was sure to be condemned; and such as would plaie the promooters and giue informations against any man for transgressing the lawes, were highlie re|warded.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this sixt yeare there chanced such an excessiue raine, and such high flouds, the riuers ouerflowing the low grounds that lay néere vnto them, as the like had not béene seene of many yeares before; and after|wards insued a sudden frost, whereby the great streames were congeled in such sort, that at their dis|soluing or thawing, manie bridges both of wood and stone were borne downe, and diuerse water-milles rent vp and caried awaie.

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