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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But to returne to our historie. After the expulsi|on of the bishop of Durham, Matt. Pari [...] and other of his adhe|rents, Anno Reg. 3. 1090 the king passed ouer into Normandie, purpo|sing to depriue his brother of that dukedome, and be|ing arriued there, he besieged and tooke S. Ualerie, Albemarle, and diuerse other townes and castels, wherein he placed a number of his best souldiers, the better to mainteine warre against his foresaid bro|ther. Simon Dun. Warres be|twixt the king and his bro|ther Robert. Herevpon also the said Robert sent vnto the French king for aid, who came downe at his request with a noble armie, and besieged one of those castels which king William had latelie woone; howbeit by such meanes as king William made, in sending to the French king an huge summe of monie, he raised his siege shortlie & returned home againe. At length a peace was concluded betwixt king William and the duke his brother, Anno Reg. 4. 1091 but yet verie dishonorable to the said Robert:

Gemeticensis. A peace con|cluded.

Simon Dun. M [...]tth. West. Matt. Paris.

for it was accorded, that king Wil|liam should reteine & still inioy the countie of Ewe, with Fescampe, the abbasie of mount S. Michell, [...]hersburg, and all those other places which he had woone & gotten out of his hands in this his late voi|age. On the other side it was agréed, that king Wil|liam should aid the duke to recouer all other places beyond the seas, which belonged to their father. Also, that such Normans as had lost anie of their lands & liuings in England, for taking part with the duke in the late rebellion, should be restored to the same. And furthermore, that whether soeuer of both should die first, the suruiuer should be his heire, and succeed in his dominions.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Gemeticensis. This peace was concluded at Caen, and that by procurement of the French king, at what time king William was verie strong in the field neare vnto Ewe. After which conclusion, they vnited their powers, and besieged their yoongest brother Henrie in the castell of mount S. Michell, which (being situat in the confines of Normandie and Britaine) he had stronglie fortified not long before for feare of after|claps. But when they had lien about it by the space of all the Lent season, and had made manie bickerings with his m [...]n, more to their losse than lucre, they rai|sed their siege, and voluntarilie departed. Not long after this, Sim. Dunel. king William depriued Edgar Etheling of his honor, which duke Robert had assigned vnto him, banishing him out of Normandie for euer.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Shortlie a [...]ter also the aforesaid Henrie wan a strong towne called Damfront, and furnishing it at all points, he kept the same in his possession as long as he liued, mauger both his brethren. Thus the war waxed hot betwéene those three, howbeit suddenlie (I wot not vpon what occasion) this Henrie was recon|ciled with king William and his brother Robert, so that all debates being quieted on euerie side, they were made friends and welwillers. King William also returned into England, hauing his brother Ro|bert in his companie, all men reioising at their paci|fication and amitie, which happened in the yeare 1091. and fourth of the reigne of the king.

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