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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 There were in Rochester a sort of valiant gentle|men (the flower in maner of all Normandie) with Eustace earle of Bolongne, and manie gentlemen of Flanders, which were in mind to defend the place against the king: who hearing what was doone, came with his armie and besieged the citie of Rochester on ech side so sharpelie,

Rochester be|sieged by the king.

Anno Reg. 2. Polydor.

that they within were glad to deliuer it vp into his hands. Thus lost bishop Odo all his liuings and dignities in England, and so re|turned into Normandie, where vnder duke Robert he had the ch [...]efe gouernement of the countrie com|mitted vnto him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this he ouercame diuers of his enimies some by faire and some by fowle meanes. Notwith|standing this, there yet remained the bishop of Dur|ham, one of the chéefe conspirators, who withdrew himselfe into the citie of Durham, there to lie in safetie, till he saw how the world would go: but be|ing therein besieged by the king, who came thither personallie, he was at length forced to surrender the citie,The bishop of durham exiled. and yeeld himselfe: wherevpon also he was exi|led the land, with diuerse of his complices. But with|in two yeares after, he was called home againe, and restored to his church, wherein he liued not long, but died for sorrow, bicause he could not cleere himselfe of offense in the said rebellion, albeit that he laboured most earnestlie so to doo, that he might thereby haue atteined to the kings fauor againe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Lanfranke archbishop of Canturburie departeth this life.Whilest these things were thus in hand, the arch|bishop Lanfranke falleth sicke and dieth, in the 19. yeare after his first entring into the gouernment of the sea of Canturburie. This Lanfranke (as should seeme) was a wise, politike, and learned prelate, who whilest he liued, mollified the furious and cruell na|ture of king William Rufus, instructing him to for|beare such wild and outragious behauiours as his youthfulnesse was inclined vnto: and moreouer per|suaded the English to obey the same king as their loiall prince, whereby they should occasion him to be their good lord and king, not vsing them rigorouslie as his father had doon. So that Lanfranke could not well haue beene spared in the time of the rebellion, without great danger of subuerting the state of the commonwealth. He builded two hospitals without the citie of Canturburie, for the releefe of poore peo|ple and strangers, the one of S. Iohn, the other at Harbaldowne. He aduanced the church of Rochester from foure secular clerkes, to the number of fiftie moonkes: he repaired Christes church in Canturbu|rie, Matth. Westm. Paule abbat of S. Albons. and the abbey of S. Albons, whereof he made one Paule that was his nephue abbat, which Paule go|uerned that house by his vncles assistance greatlie to the aduancement thereof, as well in temporall as spirituall preferments, as it was then iudged. Like|wise the said Lanfranke was verie fortunate in the gouernement of his church and sée of Canturburie, recouering sundrie portions of lands and rents alie|nated from the same before his daies, insomuch that he restored to that sée 25. manors. For amongst o|ther, Eadmerus. whereas Odo the Bishop of Baieux, who also was Earle of Kent, bearing great rule in England vnder his nephue king William the Conquerour, had vsurped diuerse possessions which belonged to the sée of Canturburie, and had seized the franchises apperteining to the same Lanfranke, into his owne hands, by sute and earnest trauell he recouered the same, and being impleaded about that matter by the said Odo, he so defended his cause, that in the end (though with much [...]) he had his will, and so re|mained in qui [...]t possession [...]f his right after that so long as he liued, without any trouble or vexation concerning the said possessions and liberties.

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