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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But to go foorth with our purpose. About the same time, Simon Dun. a rumor was spred in England that Sueine king of Denmarke meant to inuade England with a puissant armie, A rumor spred of the cõming of the Danes. hauing the assistance of the earle of Flanders, whose daughter he had maried. Wher|vpon king William being then in Normandie, re|teined a great power of French souldiers, both ar|chers and footmen, which togither with his Normans he brought ouer into England in haruest season, & meaning to disburthen himselfe of the charge of their keeping, he caused their finding and wages to be borne by the lords and peeres of the realme, by the shirifs of shires, Anno 20. and other officers. Howbeit, when he vnderstood that the Danes changed their purpose, and would not hold on their iourneie, he dismissed part of his power, and sent them home againe, kee|ping the residue all the winter with him in Eng|land, readie for his defense, if anie rebellion or other necessitie should befall.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The same yeare, he kept his Christmasse at Glo|cester, and made his sonne Henrie knight at West|minster in Whitsunwéeke insuing. Matth. West. Shortlie after, calling togither aswell lords spirituall as temporall, he caused them all to sweare fealtie to him and his heires after him in the possession of this kingdome.An oth taken to be true to the king.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About this season, the people in all places were pitifullie plaged with burning feuers,Great sicke|nes reigning. Murren of ca [...]tell. Matth. West. which brought manie to their end: a murren also came to their cattell, whereof a woonderfull number died. At the same time (which is more maruellous) tame foules, as hens, géese, & peacocks, forsaking their owners houses, fled to the woods and became wild. Great hurt was doone in manie places of the realme by fire, and speciallie in London, where vpon the 7. daie of Iulie a sudden flame began,Paules church bur|ned. Simon Dun. which burnt Paules church, and a great part of the citie downe to the ve|rie ground.

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