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Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same season, pope Gregorie perceiuing that married préests did thoose rather to run into the danger of his c [...]sse, than to forsake their wiues,Married préests. meaning to bridle them by an other prouiso, gaue commandment by his bull published abroad, that none should heare the masse of a married pr [...]est.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King William after his comming from the siege of Doll, remained a certeine time in quiet Anno Reg. 12. 1078 during which season,


A synod hol|den at Lon|don.

Bishops sée [...] remooued.

Lanfranke the archbishop called a sy|nod or councell of the cleargie at London, wherein amongst other things it was ordeined, that certeine bishops sees should be [...] small townes to cities of more fame, whereby it came to passe that Chichester, Exceter, Bath, Salisburie, Lincolne & EEBO page image 12 Chester were honored with new sees and palaces of bishops, whereas before they kept their residence at Sellewey, Kirton, Welles, Shireborne, Dorchester and Lichfield.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Woolstan. At this synod also Woolstan bishop of Worcester was present, whom Lanfranke would haue deposed for his insufficiencie of learning; as he colourablie pretended, but indeed to pleasure the king, who faine would haue placed a Norman in his roome: but (as they saie) by a miracle which he presentlie wrought, in causing his crosier staffe to sticke fast in the toome of saint Edward (to whom he protested and said he would resigne it, for that he obteined the same by his gift) he did put the king and the archbishop into such feare, that they suffered him still to enioy his bishop|prike without any further vexation. These things with other (touching a reformation in the church and cleargie) being handled in this councell, it was soone after dissolued.

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