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Compare 1577 edition: 1 3 Thirdlie, for that he had receiued the pall at the hands of pope Benedict the tenth, whom the cardi|nals, as one not lawfullie elected, had deposed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Howbeit, manie writers burthen king William (who was present at this synod) for the procuring of Stigand his depriuation, to the end he might place a stranger in his roome. For as he had rooted out the English Nobilitie, and giuen awaie their lands & li|uings to his Normans; so meant he to turne out the English cleargie from bearing any office of honor within the realme, which meaning of his did well ap|peare at his councell, wherin diuers bishops, abbats, and priors were deposed, and Normans preferred to their places.Agelmarus bishop of Thetford was one that was deposed. Simon Dun. Matt. Paris. Stigand after his depriuation was kept in perpetuall prison at Winchester, till he died, and yet (as some write) the same Stigand was an helper vnder hand for king William to atteine the crowne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the feast of Pentecost next insuing, the king being at Windsor,Thomas a canon of Bay|eux made archbishop of Yorke. Lanfranke consecrated archbishop of Canturburie. Matth. Westm. hath the eight Kal. of Maie, but Wil. Mal. and Eadmerus the fourth Kal. of Sep|tember. gaue the archbishoprike of Yorke vnto one Thomas, a canon of Bayeux, and to Wal|kelme one of his chaplins he gaue the bishoprike of Winchester. After this, calling one Lanfranke an Italian from Caen where he was abbat, he made him archbishop of Canturburie, who was con|secrated there in the feast of S. Iohn Baptist, in the yeare folowing, which was after the birth of our Sa|uiour 1071. The foresaid Thomas was the fiue and twentith bishop that had gouerned in that see of Yorke, & Lanfranke the thrée & thirtith in the see of Canturburie. But yer long, betwixt these two arch|bishops there rose great contention for the primasie of their churches, in so much that the archbishop of Yorke appealed to Rome,1071 Anno Reg. 5. where they both appeared personallie before pope Alexander, in whose presence Lanfranks cause was so much fauoured, Wil. Mal. Eadmerus. that not onelie the foresaid Thomas, but also Remigius the bishop of Dorchester were for reasonable causes de|priued of their crosiers and rings: and Lanfranke at their humble request was a meane to the pope for them in the end, that they might be restored to their staues, which was accordinglie obteined. For when the pope heard Lanfranke declare in their fauour, how necessarie their seruice might be to the king, in the establishment of his new gotten kingdome, he said to Lanfranke;

Well, looke you then to the mat|ter, you are the father of that countrie, and therefore consider what is expedient to be done therein: their staues which they haue surrendered, there they be, take them, and dispose them as you shall thinke most profitable for the aduancement of the christian reli|gion in that countrie.
Wherevpon, Lanfranke tooke the staues, and deliuered them to the former posses|sours, and so were they in the popes presence resto|red to their former dignities. One cause why Tho|mas was depriued (as some writers saie) was, for that he had holpen duke William toward his iour|nie into England when he came to conquer it, for the which pleasure to him then shewed, the duke pro|mised him a bishoprike, if euer he obteined victorie o|uer the English: an other cause, for that he was a priests sonne. Now, when the pope vnderstood the full ground of their contention to be for the primasie of the two sees, Canturburie and Yorke, and had heard what could be alledged on both sides, Wil. Malm. he remitted the determination thereof to the king and bishops of England, that by the histories and records of the land, the matter might be tried, iudged and ordered.

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