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3.5. A catalog of all the dukes of Scotland by creation or descent.

A catalog of all the dukes of Scotland by creation or descent.

_DAuid Steward (eldest son of Iohn Stew|ard earle of Carricke, after called Robert Dauid Ste|ward duke [...] Rothseie. the third, and leauing the name of Iohn when he came to the crowne of Scotland) was (by parlement, about the yeare of Christ one thousand thrée hundred foure score and eightéene, being the eight yeare of Robert the third) made duke of Rothseie, when he was about eightéene yeares of age, or rather twentie, as by all accounts it must be, if that be true that he was borne the two and twentith daie of October one thousand thrée hundred three score and eighteene, made duke in the yeare one thousand thrée hundred fourescore & eigh|téene, as some haue. But Lesleus (as before) refer|reth this as I by all circumstances doo gather, to the yeare of Christ one thousand thrée hundred foure|score & thirtéene. He maried Margerie the daugh|ter of Archibald earle Dowglas, about the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hundred, being the tenth of Robert the second.

Robert Steward second son to Robert the second Robert Ste|ward duke of Albanie. king of Scots, by Elisabeth Mure or Moore his wife, being by his father created earle of Fife and Menteth, was in the yeare of Christ one thousand thrée hundred fourescore and eightéene, and the eight yeare of the gouernement of Robert the second, ad|uanced EEBO page image 427 to the title and honor of the dukedome of Al|banie: this Robert and the other Dauid as I haue before noted, being the first dukes that euer were in Scotland. This man being gouernor of Scot|land in the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hun|dred and one, falling in the yeare of the reigne of Ro|bert the [...]ird, did apprehend Dauid the duke of Ro [...]seie, and committed him to streict prisonment in Faukeland, where in the end he died by extreame famine, whose want of food was such, that he was [...]aine to gnaw his owne fingers: of this Robert is more spoken in my protectors of Scotland.

Murdacke called duke, was also earle of Fi [...]e, eldest sonne to this Robert duke of Albanie, was Murdacke duke of Alba|nie. as is most likelie duke of Albanie after his father, who being gouernor of Scotland, occasioned me to intreat more of him in that place.

Alexander Steward the second sonne of Iames Alexander duke of Alba| [...]. the second, was by his father aduanced to the duke|dome of Albanie, who being verie yoong at the time of his fathers death, which happened in the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hundred & thréescore, was with his brother Iohn earle of Mar, committed to the custodie of Marie their mother. After which in the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hundred thrée score and thrée, being the third yeare of Iames the third, he was taken on the sea by the English|men in the moneth of Iune, as he returned from his grandfather the duke of Guelderland, but was after restored home by the meanes of Iames Ken|nedie bishop of saint Andrews. About sixtéene yeares following, in the yeare of Christ one thou|sand foure hundred threescore and ninetéene, fal|ling in the sixtéenth yeare of Iames the third, this duke was committed prisoner to the castell of E|denburgh, out of which he brake and escaped to Dun|bar, from whense being well furnished, he sailed into France where he was honorablie receiued, and there maried the daughter and heire of the earle of Lesle. lib. 8. pag. 319. Bononie, who shortlie after dieng, and the duke per|ceiuing himselfe not to be so well vsed as he was before, came into England & was by king Edward the fourth louinglie accepted; who granted aid to this duke. Wherevpon he in the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hundred fourescore and two, did en|ter Scotland with a great power & spoiled the coun|trie, comming (without anie resistance in the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hundred fourescore and two, being the two and twentith yeare of Iames the third) as far as Radstrag, or Rastalrig, where he pitched his campe: which being knowne, he was by mediation of the nobilitie admitted home to his countrie, being further preferred to the earldomes of March and Mar, and proclamed generall lieute|nant of the king; by meanes whereof, he gouerned the whole realme, the king being now in prison. Af|ter which, this duke setteth the king at libertie through the persuasions of the queene, without knowlege thereof giuen to the other of the nobilitie: whereby new turmoiles did arise amongst the peo|ple. Then in the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hundred fourescore and two, and the three and twentith yeare of Iames the third; this duke hauing intelligence that there was poison prepared to be gi|uen to him in drinke in the kings chamber, whereby he stood in feare of his life, did forsake the court and [...]ed to Dunbar: at what time also the king for his owne safetie, got him vnto the castell of Eden|burgh: wherevpon the earle of Angus and Buc|quaine forsaking the king, tooke part with the duke.

After which the duke being summoned as some haue (or being besieged in the castle of Dunbar as other haue) fled into England. But Lesleus saith that he tooke a little bote and so escaped into France, where he was honorablie interteined by Charles king of that realme; and where the Frenchmen for his singularitie in feats of armes, termed him the father of chi [...]alrie; thus writeth Lesleus. But others (deliuering this matter in other forme) saie that after his flight from Dunbar, he passed into Eng|land, gathered power, returned into Scotland, did inuade the kingdome, & was put to flight: whereup|on growing in disgrace with the king of England, he then fled into France. And then after, the same Lesleus saith: Pari [...]js dum singulare certamen Au|relianensis dux cum aliquo equite iniuit astans, par|ticula cuiusdam hastae traijcitur, breuique post mori|tur, about the yere of Christ one thousand foure hun|dred eightie thrée. He left two sonnes behind him, Iohn duke of Albanie gouernor of Scotland during the minoritie of Iames the fourth and one other A|lexander, whom he had by his first wife in Scotland the daughter of the earle of Orchadie, which Alex|ander was after bishop of Murreie, and abbat of Scone.

Iohn Steward duke of Albanie, sonne to the Iohn duke of Albanie. foresaid Alexander duke of Albanie, did after the death of his father obteine that dukedome, in the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hundred eightie thrée: of this man I haue made a more large dis|course in the gouernors of Scotland, wherevnto I refer thée; and therefore omit to talke anie further of him in this place.

Iames Steward (eldest sonne to Iames the Iames Ste|ward duke of [...]. third) being duke of Rotheseie, is by som [...] termed prince of Rotheseie, was borne in the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hundred seuentie and two on the tenth daie of March, being about the twel [...]e yeare of the reigne of his father Iames the third. This duke in the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hundred eightie and eight, in the nine and twentith yeare of his father, and the sixtéenth of his age, was by the no|bilitie rebelling against his father made capteine or leader of those rebels, who at that time at Banocks|burne two miles from Sterling, incountring with the king his father, did there slea him; wherevpon this Iames duke of Rotheseie was presentlie made king by the name of Iames the fourth.

Alexander Steward the second, sonne to Iames Alexander duke of Ro|theseie. the third, king of Scotland, and brother to Iames the fourth, was duke of R [...]theseie: for thus writeth Lesleus li. 8. pag. 331. In studium incubuit rex (which was Iames the fourth then king, in the yeare of Christ one thousand foure hundred eightie and nine) sedulò, vt Alexander dux Rothoseiae & Iohannes co|mes Marriae sui fratres tenelli adhuc liberali educa|tione diligentissimè imbuerentur, tantóque sumptu pro ratione patrimonij, quod singulis pater relique|rat satis amplum, magnificè alerentur. He died the fiftéenth kalends of Ianuarie, in the yeare of Christ one thousand fiue hundred and fiftéene at Sterling.

Henrie Steward lord Derneleie the eldest sonne Henrie duke of Albanie. to Matthew Steward erle of Leneux, was brought vp in England, a goodlie and beautifull personage, being to be married to Marie the queene of Scots, was after his comming into Scotland made earle of Rosse, in the yere of Christ one thousand fiue hun|dred thréescore and fiue by the same quéene, about the thrée and twentith yeare of hir reigne: shortlie after which he was in the Iulie following created duke of Albanie; and on saturdaie the eight and twentith day of the same moneth before the marriage, proclamed king by the queenes commandement, at the market crosse of Ed [...]borough, being married to the same Marie on the nine and twentith daie of the same mo|neth, in the chapell at H [...]lie rood house, at fiue of the clocke in the morning: which honor he did not long EEBO page image 428 inioie. For in the tenth of Februarie, in the yeare of Christ one thousand fiue hundred threescore and six (what by the malice of some of the nobilitie, and false persuasion of others, he was led to enter into those actions, which in the end were his owne ouerthrow, and that by such as mooued him therevnto) he was miserablie slaine in a house within the towne, néere to Kirke a field.

Amies Steward lord of Obigneie in France, Amies Ste|ward duke of Leneux. sonne to Iohn Steward brother to Matthew Ste|ward earle of Leneux, being first by Iames the sixt of that name made earle of Leneux, was after by the same king made duke of Leneux; who being dead, hath left a yoong sonne behind him, a gentle|man of great hope, at this daie liuing, inioieng the title of his father, and called duke of Leneux. Thus Lodowike Steward duke of Le|neux. hauing set downe all the dukes which haue béene in Scotland, we wil descend to such Scots as haue in|ioied that title in a forren nation.

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