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1.14. The description of an ancient Pict. The 14 Chapter.

The description of an ancient Pict. The 14 Chapter.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 _THe Pict (saith Herodian) hath generallie no vse in ap|parell, howbeit the nobler sort of them doo wrap their heads and wombs in hoops of iron, which they take for great bra|uerie, esteeming this kind of attire, in such as weare the same, to be a token of wealth and riches, and so great an ornament, as if they had worne gold or any cost|lie iewels. Beside this, and the shauing of their ne|ther lip, they painted ouer their bodies with the ima|ges of all kinds of beasts, so that he was the gaiest man that had his skin most disguised in this maner. Certes none of them regarded to weare anie appa|rell, bicause they estéemed it a great glorie to haue these paintings séene. In warres they were bold, and desirous to shed blood, contenting themselues (in stéed of other armor) with a short lance, and narrow target or buckler, their swords were tied to their naked sides with a thong, and as for iacke, shirt of male, or helmet, they made no regard of them, bi|cause they would trouble them in swimming, or o|therwise at a pinch, when they should be compelled to wade.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Dion writing generallie of the whole countrie, di|uideth it with Herodian into the Calidons & Meats, saieng that the said countrie is verie sauage, their cities void of walles, and fields without townes: they liue moréouer (saith he) by hunting and preie, and oftentimes with the fruit of their trées: and al|beit that they haue excéeding plentie of fish, yet they eat not of it. They liue naked in tents, and without shooes on their féet, their wines are common, and children generallie looked vnto: they haue morouer a populous regiment, and are verie readie to steale: they fight in wagons, and haue little light and swift horsses, which run also verie swiftlie, & stand at their féet with like stedfastnesse. In the nether end of their lances they haue hollow bullets of brasse, in each is a little péece or two of iron, which ratleth when they shake it, and maketh a strange noise where manie of them are togither. They haue also narrow daggers, but chéeflie they can susteine hunger and cold best of all men, and likewise sore labour: and if it happen them to hunger and haue no meat at hand, they will sit in the marishes vp to the chins by manie daies togither. In the woods they féed on roots or barkes of trees, and they haue a kind of meat among them, whereof if they take but so much as a beane, they nei|ther hunger nor thirst in a long time after. And thus much of the Meats (which were the néerest vs) and the Calidons that dwelled beyond the wall, and both in their prouince called Maxima Cesariensis, where|of let this suffice.

1.15. The number of bishops in Scotland. The xv Chapter.

The number of bishops in Scotland. The xv Chapter.

    Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5
  • _THe arch|bishoprik of S. An|drewes
  • Glasco
  • Dunfalden
  • Dunblanen
  • Aberden
  • Brechen
  • Morauie
  • Ros
  • Whitherne
  • Cathnes
  • Argadie
  • Orkenie
  • Ymor one of the Iles which are exempt and perteine vnto the pope.
  • Vniuersities.

    • S. Andrews
    • Aberden
    • Glasco.
  • Dukedomes.

    • Rothsay
    • Albanie.
  • Earledomes.

    • Cathnes
    • Sotherland
    • Rosse
    • Morauie
    • Buchquhan
    • Garuiach
    • Garmoran
    • Mar
    • Mernis
    • Angus
    • Gowri
    • Fiffe
    • Marche
    • Athole
    • Stratherne
    • Menteth
    • Leuenor
    • Wigton
    • Duglasse
    • Carrike
    • Crawford
    • Annandale
    • Ourmonth
    • Huntley.
  • Viscounties.

    • Berwike ali|as north Ber|wike
    • Roxborow
    • Selkirke
    • Twedale
    • Dunfrise
    • Niddisdals
    • Wigton
    • Are
    • Lanarke
    • Dumbritten
    • Sterueling
    • Louthian
    • Clakmanan
    • Kimos
    • Fiffe
    • Perth
    • Angus
    • Mernis
    • Aberden
    • Bamph
    • Fores
    • Inuernes.
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