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10.33. Rothorike O Connor the monarch and all the princes in Vlster submit and yeeld themselues vnto the king, as he pas|seth towards Dublin. Chap. 33.

Rothorike O Connor the monarch and all the princes in Vlster submit and yeeld themselues vnto the king, as he pas|seth towards Dublin. Chap. 33.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 THese things thus doon at Waterford, the king left Robert Fitzbarnard there with his houshold, and marched himselfe to Dublin through the countrie of Ossorie: and staieng somewhat by the waie in his iourneie, there came and resorted vnto him out of euerie place there the great men & princes, as namelie Machelan Ophelan prince of Ossorie, Mache Talewie, [...]thwe|lie Gillemeholoch, Ochadese, O Carell of Urie [...] & Ororike of Meth: all which yeelded & submitted them selues to the king in their owne persons, & became his vassals, & swore fealtie. But Rothorike the mo|narch came no néerer than to the riuer side of the (1) Shenin, which diuideth Connagh from Meth, & there Hugh de Lacie and William Fitzaldeline by the kings commandement met him, who desiring peace submitted himselfe, swore allegiance, became tri|butarie, and did put in (as all others did) hostages and pledges for the kéeping of the same. Thus was all Ireland sauing Ulster brought in subiection, and euerie particular prince in his proper person did yéeld and submit himselfe, sauing onelie Rothorike, the then monarch of all Ireland; and yet by him and in his submission all the residue of the whole land be|came the kings subiects, and submitted themselues. For indéed there was no one nor other within that land, who was of anie name or countenance, but that he did present himselfe before the kings maies|tie, and yéelded vnto him subiection and due obedi|ence.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 And then was fulfilled the old and vulgar pro|phesie Prophesies o [...] Merlin and Molin [...] filled. of S. Molin; Before him all the princes shall fall downe, and vnder a dissembled submission shall obteine fauor and grace. Likewise the prophesie of Merlin; All the birds of that Iland shall flée to his light, and the greater birds shall be taken & brought into captiuitie, and their wings shall be burned. Al|so the old prophesie of Merlin Ambrose; Fiue porti|ons shall be brought into one, & the sixt shall breake and ouerthrow the walles of Ireland. That which Ambrose nameth heere the sixt, Celidonius nameth the fift, as appeareth in his booke of prophesies. Now when the feast of Christmasse did approch and draw neere, manie and the most part of the princes of that land resorted and made repaire vnto Dublin, to sée the kings court: and when they saw the great abun|dance of vittels, and the noble seruices, as also the eating of cranes, which they much lothed, being not before accustomed therevnto, they much w [...]ndered and maruelled thereat: but in the end they being by the kings commandement set downe, did also there eat and drinke among them. At this time there were certeine soldiors, being bowmen, [...]assed at Fin|glas, and they hewed and cut downe the trees which grew about the churchyard, which had beene there planted of old time by certeine good and holie men: and all these soldiors suddenlie fell sicke of the pesti|lence and died all: as is more at large declared in our topographie.

(1) The Shenin is the cheefest and most famous riuer in that land, and dooth in a manner inuiron and inclose all Connagh, & diuideth it from the pro|uinces of Mounster and Meth: his head and spring is in the hill named Therne, which bordereth vpon O Connor Slegos countrie, not farre from the riuer EEBO page image 23 of the Banne in Ulster, and in length is supposed to be about a hundred and twentie English nules. It is increased with sundrie brooks, and diuerse riuers run into the same; the cheefest whereof is that which riseth and commeth out of the logh or lake Foile. In it are mante loghs or lakes of great quantitie or big|nesse, which are maruelouslie replenished and stored with abundance of fish: the chéefest of which are the logh Rie, and the logh Derigid. It is nauigable a|boue thrée score miles, and vpon it standeth the most famous citie of Limerike. There is onlie one bridge ouer it, builded of late yeares at Alone, by the right honorable sir Henrie Sidneie knight, then lord de|putie of the realme.

10.34. The councell or synod kept at Cashill. Chap. 34.

The councell or synod kept at Cashill. Chap. 34.

THe realme beeing now in good peace and quietnesse, and the king now hauing a care and a zeale to set foorth Gods honor and true religion, summoned a synod of all the clergie vnto Cashill, where inquirie and examinati|on was made of the wicked and loose life of the peo|ple of the land and nation: which was registred in writing, and sealed vnder the seale of the bishop of Lisemore, who being then the popes leg at was pre|sident of that councell. And then & there were made and decréed sundrie good and godlie constitutions, which are yet extant; as namelie, for contracting of marriage, for paiment of tithes, for the reuerend and cleane kéeping of the churches; and that the vni|uersall church of Ireland should be reduced in all things to the order and forme of the church of Eng|land. Which constitutions were foorthwith published throughout the realme, and doo here follow.

10.35. Constitutions made at the coun|cell of Cashill. Chap. 35.

Constitutions made at the coun|cell of Cashill. Chap. 35.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 IN the yere of Christs incarnation 1172, & in the first yéere that the most noble king of England conquered Ireland, Christianus bishop of Lisemore, and legat of the aposto|like see, Donat archbishop of Cashill, Laurence archbishop of Dublin, and Catholicus archbishop of Thomond with their suffragans and fellow-bishops, abbats, archdeacons, priors, deanes, & manie other prelats of the church of Ireland, by the commande|ment of the king did assemble themselues and kept a synod at Cashill: and there debating manie things concerning the wealth, estate, and reformation of the church, did prouide remedies for the same. At this councell were also for and in the behalfe of the king, whom he had sent thither, Rafe abbat of Buldewais, Rafe archdeacon of (1) Landaffe, Nicholas the [...]hapleine, and diuerse other good clearks. Sundrie good statutes and wholesome laws were there deui|sed, which were after subscribed and confirmed by the king himselfe, and vnder his authoritie, which were these that follow. First, it is decréed that all good Ecclesiasticall constitutions [...]or Ireland. faithfull and christian people, throughout Ireland, should forbeare and shun to marrie with their néere kinsfolke and cousins, & marrie with such as lawful|lie they should do [...]. Secondarilie, that children shall be catechised without the church doore, and baptised in the font appointed in the churches for the same. Thirdlie, that euerie christian bodie doo faithfullie and trulie paie yerelie the tiths of his cattels, corne, and all other his increase and profits to the church or parish where he is a parishioner. Fourthlie, that all the church lands and possessions, throughout all Ire|land, shall be frée from all secular exactions and im|positions: and especiallie that no lords, earles, nor noble men, nor their children, nor familie, shall ex|tort or take anie coine and liuerie cosheries, nor [...]ud|dies, nor anie other like custome from thenseforth, in or vpon anie of the church lands and territories. And likewise that they nor no other person doo henseforth exact out of the said church lands, old, wicked, and de|testable customes of coine and liuerie, which they were woont to extort vpon such townes and villages of the churches, as were neere and next bordering vp|on them. Fiftlie, that when earike or composition is made among the laie people for anie murther, that no person of the cleargie, though he be kin to a|nie of the parties, shall contribute anie thing there|vnto: but as they be guiltlesse from the murther, so shall they be frée from paiment of monie, for anie such earike or release for the same. Sixtlie, that all and euerie good christian being sicke & weake, shall before the préest and his neighbors make his last will and testament; and his debts and seruants wages being paid, all his moouables to be diuided (if he haue anie children) into thrée parts: whereof one part to be to the children, another to his wife, and the third part to be for the performance of his will. And if so be that he haue no children, then the goods to be diui|ded into two parts, whereof the one moitie to his wife, and the other to the performance of his will and testament. And if he haue no wife, but onelie children, then the goods to be likewise diuided into two parts, wherof the one to himselfe, and the other to his children. Seuenthlie, that euerie christian be|ing dead, and dieng in the catholike faith, shall be re|uerendlie brought to the church, and to be buried as apperteineth. Finallie, that all the diuine seruice in the church of Ireland shall be kept, vsed, & obserued in the like order and maner as it is in the church of England. For it is méet and right, that as by Gods prouidence and appointment Ireland is now be|come subiect, and vnder the king of England: so the same should take from thense the order, rule, and ma|ner how to reforme themselues, and to liue in better order. For whatsoeuer good thing is befallen to the church & realme of Ireland, either concerning religi|on, or peaceable gouernement, they owe the same to the king of England, and are to be thankefull vnto him for the same: for before his comming into the land of Ireland, manie and all sorts of wicked|nesses in times past flowed and reigned amongest them: all which now by his authoritie and goodnesse are abolished. The primat of Armagh, by reason of his weaknesse and great age, was not present at the synod: but afterwards he came to Dublin, and gaue his full consent to the same. This holie man (as the common saieng was) had a white cow, and being fed onelie by hir milke, she was alwaies carried with him wheresoeuer he went and trauelled from home.

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