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The thirde Booke of the Hiſtorie of Ireland, compriſing the raigne of Henry the eyght: continued by Richard Stanihurſt, and vvritten to the right honorable Sir Henrie Sidney Knight, Lord Deputie of Ireland, Lord preſident of VVales, Knight of the moſt noble order of the Garter, and one of hir Maieſties priue Counſayle within hir Realme of Englande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 _HOw comber|ſome (ryghte Honorable) & daungerous a taſke it is, to engroſſe & di|vulge the do|ings of others, eſpecially whẽ the parties re|giſtred or their iſſue are liuing: both common reaſon ſufficient|ly acknowledgeth, and dayly experience infal|libly approueth. For Man by courſe of nature is ſo partially affected to himſelf, and his bloud, as hee will bee more agreeued with the Chro|nicler for recording a peeuiſh treſpaſſe, than hee will be offended with his friende, for cõmitting an heynous treaſon.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Ouer this, if the hiſtorian be long, hee is ac|compted a triſter: if he be ſhort, he is taken for a ſummiſter: if he commende, he is twighted for a flatterer: if he reprooue, he is holden for a carper: if he be pleaſant, he is noted for a ieſter: if hee bee graue, he is reckened for a drouper: if he miſdate, he is named a falſyfyer: if he once but trippe, hee is tearmed a ſtumbler: ſo that lette hym beare himſelfe in hys Chronicle, as vprightly and as conſcionably as he may poſſible, yet hee ſhall bee ſure, to fynde them that wyll bee more preſt to blabbe forth his pelfiſh faultes, than they will be ready to blaze out his good deſertes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Others there bee, that although they are not able to reproue what is written, yet they will bee ſure, to caſt in hys diſhe what is for|gotten. Heere, ſaye they, thys exployte is o|mitted: there that policie is not detected: heere thys ſaying woulde haue beene enterlaced: there that treacherie ſhoulde haue beene diſ|playd.

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