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The ſeconde Booke of the Hiſtories of Irelande, in which the conqueſt made by Henry the ſecond of that name, King of Englande, is comprehended.

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Compare 1587 edition: 1

Anno. 1167.

Dermote Macmurche.

_DErmucius or Dermote Macmurche Kyng of Leyniſter, and gouer|nor of the fifte parte of Irelande, poſſeſſed all ye Eaſt partes of the Iſle alõgſt by ye Sea coaſt, an oppreſſor of the no|bilitie, vſing much crueltie towardes the Lords and great men of his countrey. To ſerue his le|cherous luſt, hee ſecretely made ſute in diſhoneſt wiſe vnto the Queene of Meth, the daughter of Amalachelmus,Amalachel|nus Morice [...] of Meth. and wife vnto Morice King of Meth, which Morice going vpon a iourney into farre parts foorth of his countrey, left his Queene in a certayne ile in Meth, but before his returne, ſhee condiſcending vnto Dermotes deſire,Dermote a|buſeth the wife of King Morice. was voluntarily ſtolne away by the ſame Dermuci|us. King Morice of Meth hir huſband ſore mo|ued heerewith, determineth to bee reuenged, and the better to bring his purpoſe to paſſe, he maketh complaynte of the whole iniurie vnto Rotherick Ochonor King of Connagh,Rotherick Ochonor Mo|narke of Ire|lande. that was in thoſe dayes Monarke of Ireland, beſeeching him of aſ|ſiſtance in that enterpriſe, which he meant to take in hand againſt that vile adulterer Kyng Der|mote. The people of Leyniſter deteſting the quarrell, and hauing long agoe conceyued no ſmal hatred againſt theyr K. for his outragious-crueltie vſed againſt his ſubiects, forſooke hym in his greateſt neceſſitie, ſo that hee being left deſo|late of all comforte,Dermucius [...]eeth out of Irelande. He commeth to the King of Englande Henry the [...]conde. with muche difficultie gote a veſſell, and fledde for ſuccour vnto Henry the ſe|cond King of Englande then remayning in A|quitayne, where hee was occupied in warres a|gainſt the Frenchmen.

Somewhat before this preſente ſeaſon it chaunced, that Adrian, the fourth of that name, then Pope of Rome, an Engliſhman borne,Adrian the fourth Biſhop of Rome an Engliſhman borne. in the towne of Saint Albous, who before time had bin ſente into Norway, to inſtruct that lande in the Chriſtian religion, where he learned perfectly the ſtate of Ireland, & how that although Chriſt was there taught and beleeued, yet the multitude being a furious and ſauage generation, were gro|wen to ſuche a licentious and ſhamefull kinde of libertie, making no accounte of the neceſſarie pointes of doctrine, more than ſerued their ſenſu|all and wilfull luſtes, that it was greatly to bee doubted, leaſt they would at length vtterly aban|don Chriſtianitie, and giue themſelues ouer to a beaſtly order of liuing, nothing agreeable with the lawes and rites of other people that profeſſed Chriſtes Religion.

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