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1.4. Of the Lordes Spirituall of Irelande. Cap. 5.

Of the Lordes Spirituall of Irelande. Cap. 5.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Spirituall iurisdiction is ordered into foure prouinces, whereof the primacie was euer giuen (in reuerence of S.Patrike, that conuerted the countrey) to the Archebishop of Armach, who is called Primus totius Hiberniae, and the Archebishop of Dublyne Primus Hiberniae. This custome was sithens confirmed by Eugenius tertius, in the yeare 1148. or rather 1152. who sent withall, three other palles of Archbishops to be placed, one at Dublyne, one at Casshill, ye last at Tuene. To these are suffragannes in right nyne and twentie, & they all to the Primas of Armach, vnder whose prouince are the bishoppes of Meeth & Deren, Ardach, Kylmoore, Clogher, Doune, Coner, Clonknos, Raboo, Dromoore. Vnder Dublyne wherevnto Innocentius the thirde vnited Glandelagh, the bishop of Elphine, Kyldare, Fernes, Ossory and Leiglyne. Vnder Casshill, the bishop of Waterforde, to whome Lismore is vnited, Corck & Clone, Rosse, Ardigh, Lymmyrick, Emely, Kyllalooe, and Ardfert. Under Tuen, Kylmanco, Olfyne, Auaghdoune, Clonfert, Morroo. In this recount some difference hapneth by reason of personall and reall vnion of the sees, and for other alterations. I haue obserued in perusing of olde bookes the names of ceryatne Byshoppes and Archbishoppes of Dublyne, and albeit I coulde not finde a iust register or catalogue of them, yet I tooke it to be better to place such as I coulde finde, then to omitte the whole.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Cormachus was one of the first Bishoppes that I haue reade of, but I am well assured, that there were dyuers others before hys time. He floorished about the yeare 893. of this Bishoppe Hector Boethius maketh mention.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Dunanus was Bishop of Dublyne long after Cormachus, for Dunanus dyed in the yere 1074. He was buryed in Christchurche in Dublyne, in the vpper part on the chauncell on the right hande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Patricius was consecrated Bishop of Dublyne in Paule his Church at London, by the Archbishoppe of Canterbury Lanifranus, or Lanfrancus. The reason of this consecration was, for that as yet ye Metropolitanes of Irelande receiued not theyr palle. A Pall is an endowment appropriated to Archbishoppes, made of white silke the breadth of a stoale, but it is of an other fashion. And where you shall espie the armes of any Archbishoppe blazed, there you may perceyue the Pall set out EEBO page image 591 cut [sic] in white wyth a great manye blacke crosses vpon it. c. quoniam. c. diſ. An Archbiſhop within thrée monethes after his conſecration or confir|mation ought to demaunde his pall, other|wyſe he may be remooued: neyther ought he to name himſelfe Archbiſhop before the [...]e|ceyte,c. quod ſicut de elect. penul. De priuil. & exceſ. priuil. cap. Archie. & in gloſ. neither may be before ſummon or call, a councell, make Chriſme, dedicate churches giue orders, conſecrate Biſhoppes. He may not were his pa [...] without the church, neither in other prouinces, albeit in an other pro|uince he may be in his Pontificalibus, ſo that Pontificalia differeth from the pall.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 c. ex tuarũ, &c. adhoc. de auct. & vſu pal.Furthermore, an Archbiſhop may not lend his pall to an other, but it ought to be inter|red, wyth him. But to returne to Patricius, hys tyme was but ſhort, for ſoone after, as he was croſſing the ſeas to Dublyne warde, he was drowned with his copaſſengers, ye ſame yeare that he was conſecrated, the nynth of October.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1075.Donatus of ſome called Bungus ſuccéeded Patricious & likewyſe conſecrated by Lan|francus Archbiſhoppe of Canterbury, at the inſtaunce of Terdilnacus king of Irelande, the biſhoppes of Irelande, the cleargie & the Citizens of Dublyn, he deceaſed in the yeare 1095. 1095. Samuel ſuccéeded Donatus, and dyed in the yeare 1122. Gregorius dyd not ſuccéede immediately after Samuel for there he thir|tie yeares betwéene them both, This Grego|rius was the firſt Metrapolitan of Dublyne and was conſecrated Archbiſhop in the yeare 1152. 1152. and dyed in the yeare 1162.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1162.S. Laurentius Othothille. This Prelate was firſt Abbot of S. Keuins in Glindelagh, and after he was ſolemnely conſecrated and inſtalled in Chriſt church at Dublyne by Ge|lacius the Primas of Armach, and not by Canterbury as the Biſhoppes of Dublyne were before the pall giuen them. He dyed in Normandie, and was buryed in our Ladye churche of Angy in the yeare 1180. the four|téene of Nouember.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Iohanne Commin, an Engliſhman ſuccée|ded Laurence. This famous Prelate being cleyſtered vp in the Abbeye of Enſham in Worceſterſhyre was highly renowned of all men as well for his déepe learning, as for the integritie of his lyfe. The cleargie of Dublyne being giuen to vnderſtande of ſo woorthie a clarcke became hũble peticioners to the king his maieſtie, Henry the ſeconde, that through his meanes ſuch an vnualuable iewell ſhoulde be inſtalled in Laurence hys dignitie. The king bowing to their earneſt ſuite agréed, he ſhoulde be conſecrated their Archbiſhop.1180. Which was an happy houre for that countrey. For beſides the great trauaile he endured in edifying his flocke in Chriſtian religion, he was fou [...]then of S. Patricke, hys churche in Dublyne, as is before; ſpecifyed He deceaſed in the yere 1018. and was en [...]|bed in the choare of Chriſt church.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Henry Londres ſucceeded C [...]n. This man was nicknamed Scorchebull, or Scor|chevilleyn, the ought his occaſion, Being ſet|led in his ſée he gaue cõmandements to all her tenauntes to make their appar [...]iuer: before him at a day appointed, and for that he was rawe as yet in his reuenues, he tooke it to ſtande beſt with their eaſe and, quietneſſe, and his cõmoditie, that ache of them ſhould ſhew their euidences, whereby he might learne, by what tenure they héelde of him. His [...]ants miſtruſting no ſlattiſh dealing, but cõſtruing all to be ment for the beſt, deliuered their eui|dences to their Lande lorde, who dyd ſcantly well peruſe them, when he flame them all in the fire. The pore tenauntes e [...]ing, this ſubtyll prancke to be [...]erye vnſitting for a Biſhoppe, coulde not bridle their to [...]ges, but brake out an a ſodayne: Thou an flecheby|ſhop? Nay, thou art a Scorche villayn.Scorche villaine. But it could not be gr [...]ſhed to what [...]de this fact of his tended, for notwithſtanding this, the tenants enioyed their landes [...] he did it bycauſe they ſhould be but [...] at will, and ſo to ſtande to his denoti [...]. This prelate doubtleſſe was politicke, & well lettered, and for his wyſedome and learning he was elec|ted L. Iuſtice of Irelande. He was the foun|der of the caſtle of Dubline as is before men|tioned. He de [...]ſed in the yeare 1225. & lyeth buryed in Chriſt church.Math, Pari [...] in vitam Ioan. pag. 316. Wherby appeareth that Mathaeus Pariſi enſin dyd ouerſhoote him|ſelfe in writing one Hu, or Hugo, to be Arch|biſhop of Dublyne: in the yeare 1213. wheras Landres at that tyme was in the ſée, as ſeene his conſecration to his death, may be gathe|red, being the ſpace of thirtéene yeares.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Iohanne Stamforde ſuccéeded Londres, but not immediately, and was conſecrated in the yeare 1285. this man,1285. vpon the death of Stepha [...] Fiſtborne, Archbiſhoppe of Tune, was made L. Iuſtice of Ireland in the yeare 1287. 1294. And ſoone after being in Englande he was ſent from Edwarde the firſt as Ambaſ|ſadour to the Frenche king, and vpon his re|turne he deceaſed in England, and ſoone after was buryed in S. Patricke his Churche at Dublyne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Willielme Hothour is placed by ſome antiquaries to be Archbiſhoppe of Dublyne much about this time,


Ioan. Cai [...] de antiqu [...] Cant. Aca [...] de [...]. lib. [...].

but whether the man haue béene inſtalled in this Sée at all or no, I am not able to affirme, nor to denye, but cer|tayne it is that the date is miſtaken, for vpon EEBO page image 19 Iohanne Stamforde his death, Richard Fle|ringes was conſecrated Archbiſhop of Du|blyne,Edmund Butler. 1032. Hollywood [...] Fingall. betwéene whome & the Lord Edmund Butler there aroſe a great controuerſie in law, touching the maner of Hollywood wyth the appurtenances. Which manour the Lord Butler recouered by an arbitrement or com|poſition taken betwéene them in the king his benche at Dublyne. This prelate departed this lyfe in the yeare 1306. 1306.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Richard de Haueringes was ſucceſſour to Fle [...]ges, who after that he had continued néere the ſpace of fiue yeares in the Sée, was ſore appalled by reaſon of an eſtraunge and woonderfull dreame. For on a certayne night he imagined that he had ſéene an vglye mon|ſter ſtanding on his breaſt, [...]aue| [...]nges. [...]eame. who, to his thinc|king, was more weightie, then the whole worlde, in ſo much as being, as he thought in maner ſquiſed or preſt to death with the heft of this huge monſter, he woulde haue depar|ted with the whole ſubſtaunce of the worlde, if he were thereof poſſeſt, to be diſburdened of ſo heauie a loade. Vpon which wiſh he ſod|daynly awooke. And as he bette his braynes in diuining what this dreame ſhould import, he bethought himſelf of the flocke committed to his charge, howe that he gathered then fléeres yearely by receyuing the reuenue and perquiſites of the Biſhopricke, and yet ſuffe|red his flocke to ſtarue for lacke of preaching and teaching. Wherefore being for his for|mer flackneſſe, ſore wounded in conſcience, he traueyled with all ſpéede to Rome, where he reſigned vp his Biſhopricke, a burden to heauie for his weake ſhoulders, & being vpon his reſignation competently benificed, he be|ſtowed the remnaunt of his life wholly in de|notion.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1311.Iohanne Leche nephew to Haueri [...]ges, vpon the reſignation, was conſecrated Arch|biſhop. This prelate was at contention wyth the Primas of Armach, for their iuriſdictiõs, inſomuch as he did imberre the Primas frõ hauing his croſſe borne before him within the prouince of Leinſter,De priui. & exceſt. pri. c Archiep. which was contra [...]e to the Canon law, that admitteth the croſ [...] to beare the croſſe before his Archbiſhop in an other prouince. This man deceaſes in the yeare 1313.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1313.Alexander Bigenor was next Leche con|ſecrated Archebiſhop with the whole conſ [...]ne aſwel of the chapter of Chriſt church as of S. Patrickes. Howbeit vpon the death of Leche there aroſe a ſyſme and diuiſion betwéene Walter Thornebury L. Cãcelloure of Ire|lande & Bigenor then theaſ [...]rer of the ſame countrey. The Cancellour to further his e|lection determined to haue poſted to [...], but in ye way he was drowned wt the number of 156. paſſengers. Bigenor ſtaying in Ire|lande, with leſſe aduenture and better ſpéede with the conſent of both the chapters was e|lected Archbiſhop. And in the yere 1317. there came bulles from Rome to confirme the for|mer election. At which tyme the Archbiſhop and the Earle of Vlſter were in Englande.1318. This prelate ſoone after returned L. Iuſtice of Irelande, and ſoone after he had landed at Yoghyll, he went to Dublyne, where as well for his ſpirituall iuriſdiction, as his temporal promotion he was receyued with proceſſion and great ſolemnitie.1320. In this man his tyme was there an Vi [...]et fifte foũded in Dublin, whereof M. William Rodyarde was chaun|cellour, a well learned man and one that pro|céeded Doctor of the canon lawe in this Vni|uerſitie. Bigenor deceaſed in the yeare .1349. 1349.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Iohanne de ſaint Paule was conſecrated Archbiſhop vpon Bigenor his death. He de|ceaſed in the yeare .1362.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thomas Mynot ſuccéeded Iohanne,1363. & dyed in the yeare 1376.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Robert Wyckeford ſuccéeded Thomas,1375. & dyed in the yeare 1390.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Robert Wald [...]by ſuccéeded Wykeforde.1390. This prelate was firſt an Auguſtine Fryer, and a great Preacher, and accompted a ver|tuous and ſincere liuer. He deceaſed in the yeare 1397.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [...]cha [...] P [...]thalis was remooued from an other Sée and choſen Archbiſhop of Dublyn,1397 w [...] [...] deceaſed the ſame yeare that he was elected.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thomas Crauly an Engliſhe man ſuccée|ded [...]at the ſame yeare, and came into Ire|land in the companie of the Duke of Surrey. This Archbiſhoppe was choſen L. Iuſtice of Ireland in the yere 1413. 1414. In whoſe gouerne|ment the Engliſh did ſkirmiſh with the Iriſh in the countye of Kyldare néere Kilka,The ſkir|miſh of Kylka. where the Engliſh vanquiſhed the enemie, fiue and hundred of the Iriſhe, during which [...] the Archbiſhop being Lord Iuſtice went in pro|ceſſion with the whole cleargy in T [...]ſtelder|mot, or Caſtledermot, a towne adioyning to Kylka, praying for the proſperous ſucceſſe of the ſubiects, that went to ſkirmiſhe with the enemie. This prelate was of ſtature fall, well [...]ed, and of a ſanguine complexion, dec| [...]ing h [...] outwarde comlyneſſe with inwarde quantities. For he was ſo liberall to the riche, ſo charitable to the poore, ſo déepe a clarcke, ſo profounde a Doctor, ſo ſounde a Preacher, ſo vertuous a liuer, and ſo great a builder, a [...] he was not without good cauſe accompted the Phoenix of his time. In daily talke as he was ſhort, ſo he was ſwéete. Harde in promiſing, EEBO page image 592 bountifull in performing. In the yere 1417. he ſayled into England, and ended his life at Faringdõ, and was buried in New colledge at Oxford.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1439.In the yere 1439. There hath bene one Ri|chard Archbiſhop of Dubline, and L. Iuſtice of Ireland, before whom a Parliament was holden at Dublin, in the xviij. yeare of the reigne of king Henry the ſixt.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1460.In the yeare 1460. Walter was Archbi|ſhop of Dublin, and deputie to Iaſper Duke of Bedford, lieuetenaunt of Ireland. I found in an auncient regiſter the names of certain biſhops of Kyldare,The Bi|ſhoppes of Kyldare. that were in that ſée ſince the tyme of S. Brigid: the names of whome I thought good here to inſert.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1 2
  • Lony was biſhoppe in S. Brigides tyme, which was about the yeare of our lord.448. 448.
  • 2. Inor.
  • 3. Conly.
  • 4. Donatus.
  • 5. Dauid.
  • 6. Magnus.
  • 7. Richard.
  • 8. Iohn.
  • 9. Simon.
  • 10. Nicholas.
  • 11. Walter.
  • 12. Richard.
  • 13. Thomas.
  • 14. Robart.
  • 15. Bonifacius.
  • 16. Madogge.
  • 17. William.
  • 18. Galfride.
  • 19. Richard.
  • 20. Iames.
  • 21. Wale.
  • 22. Baret.
  • 23. Edmunde Lane, who flouriſhed in the yeare, 1518.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 There hath bene a worthy prelate, canon by ye cathedrall church of Kildare, named Mau|rice Iak,Maurice Iak. who among the reſt of his charita|ble déedes, builded the bridge of Kilcoollenne, and the next yeare followyng,


The bridg of Kylcool|lenne, and Leigh|linne.

he builded in lyke maner the bridge of Leighlinne, to the great and daily commoditie of all ſuch as are occaſioned to trauaile in thoſe quarters.

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