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5.94. Edredus or Edred.

Edredus or Edred.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Edelred [figure appears here on page 195] EDredus ye brother of Edmõd & ſon to Edwarde ye elder, and to Edgiue hys laſt wife, begã his raigne ouer the Realme of Englãd in the yeare of oure Lord .946. or as Harriſon ſaith. 997.946 which was in the twelfth yeare of the Emperoure Otho the firſte, and in the. 21. yeare of the raigne of Lewis King of Fraunce, and about the thirde or fourth yere of Malcolme the firſte of that name King of Scotland. Hee was Crowned and anointed the 16. day of Auguſt by Odo the Archbiſhoppe of Canterbury at Kingſton vpon Thames. H. Hunton. The Northũ|bers rebell and are ſub|dued. In the firſt yeare of his raigne, the Northumbers rebel|led againſt him, wherevppon hee rayſed an army, inuaded their countrey, and ſubdued them by force. This done, he wente forwarde into Scot|lande: but the Scots without ſhewing any reſi|ſtance, ſubmitted thẽſelues vnto him, and ſo both Scottes and Northũbers receyued an oth to bee true vnto him, whiche they obſerued but a ſmall while,Aulaf retur|ned into Nor|thamberland. for he was no ſoner returned into ye South partes, but that Aulafe which had bin chaſed out of the countrey by K. Edmond as before ye haue heard, returned into Northumberlande with a great nauie of Ships, and was ioyfully receyued of the inhabitants, and reſtored againe to ye king|dome, which he held by the ſpace of four yeres, and then by the accuſtomed diſloyaltie of the Nor|thumbers, hee was by them expulſed, and then they ſet vp one Hyrke,Hirk or Heri|cius. or Hericius the ſonne of one Harrolde to raigne ouer them, who helde not ye eſtate any long time. For in ye third yeere of his raigne, VVil. Malm The diſloy|altie of the Northumber puniſhed. Edredus in ye reuẽge of ſuch diſloyal dea|lings in the Northumbers, deſtroyed the whole countrey with fire and ſword, ſleaying the moſt [figure appears here on page 195] parte of the inhabitants.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 4 Ran. Higd. Sim. Dunel.He brente the Abbey of Rippon, whiche was kept againſt him. As he was returning home|ward, an hoſt of enimies brake out of Yorke, and ſetting vpon the rereward of the kings army at a place called Eaſterforde,Eaſterforde. made great ſlaughter in the ſame. Wherefore the King in his rage, mente to haue begun a new ſpoyle and deſtruction, but the Northumbers humbled themſelues ſo vnto him, that putting away their foreſaide K. Hirke, or Hericius, and offering great rewards and gifts to buy their peace, they obteyned pardon. But bycauſe that Wolſtan the Archbiſhop of Yorke was of counſell with his countreymen in reuol|ting from K. Edredus,The Archbi|ſhop of Yorke impriſoned. and aduancing of Heri|cius. K. Ederdus toke him and kept him in priſon EEBO page image 230 a long time after, but at length in reſpect of the reuerence which he bare to his calling, he ſet hym at libertie, and pardoned him his offence. Math. Weſt. reciteth an other cauſe of Wolſtanes im|priſonment,Mat. VVeſt. as thus. In the yere of grace ſaith he 951. King Edrede put the Archbiſhop of Yorke in cloſe priſon,951 bycauſe of often complayntes ex|hibited againſt him, as he which had commaun|ded many Towneſmen of Theadford to bee put to death, in reuenge of the Abbot Aldelme, by thẽ vniuſtly ſlayne and murthered. After this, when Edredus had appeaſed all ciuill tumultes & diſ|ſentions within his land,VVil. Malm. he applyed himſelfe to the aduancing of Religion, wholly following the mind of Dunſtane, by whoſe exhortation he ſuf|fered patiently many tormentes of the body, and exerciſed himſelfe in prayer and other deuoute ſtudies.Edredus de|parteth thys life. Finally, after he had raigned nine yeares and a halfe, he departed this life to the great gree|uance of menne, and reioycing of Angels, as it is written, and was buried at Wincheſter in the Cathedral Church there. Here is to be noted, that the foreſaide Edrede when hee came firſte to the Crowne, vpon a ſingular and moſt eſpeciall fa|uour whiche hee bare towards Dunſtan the Ab|bot of Glaſtenbury,Dunſtan in fauor. he committed to him the che|feſt part of all the threaſure, as charters of landes with other monuments, and ſuch antient prince|ly iewels as belonged to the former Kings, with other ſuch as he gote of his owne, willing hym to lay the ſame in ſafekeeping within his Monaſte|rie of Glaſtẽbury. Afterward when King Edred perceyued himſelfe to be in daunger of deathe by force of that ſickneſſe which in deede made an end of his life, he ſent into all parties to ſuch as had a|ny of his treaſure in keeping, to bring the ſame vnto him with all ſpeede, that hee mighte diſpoſe thereof before his departure out of this life, as hee ſhould ſee cauſe. Dunſtane tooke ſuche thyngs as he had vnder his handes, and haſted forwarde to deliuer the ſame vnto the King, and to viſit hym in that tyme of hys ſickneſſe according to hys duetie:But was not this a deuiſe thereby to de|teyne the treaſure, for I do not reade that he deliue|red it out of his hands. An Angell or as ſome think a worſe crea|ture. but as he was vpõ ye way, a voice ſpake to him frõ Heauen, ſaying behold K. Edred is now departed in peace. At the bearing of this voyce, the Horſe whereon Dunſtane rode fell downe & died, being not able to abide the preſence of the Angell that thus ſpake to Dunſtane. And when he came to the Court, he vnderſtoode that the King dyed the ſame houre in whiche it was tolde him by the Angell, as before ye haue heard.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Edwarde in his latter dayes beeyng greatly addicted to deuotiõ and religious prieſts, at the requeſt of hys mother Edgina reſtored the Abbey of Abingdon which was built firſte by K. Inas, but in theſe dayes ſore decayed and fallen into ruine.

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