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5.71. Conanus.


Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 139] AFter that Aurelius Conanus had ſlayn the for|ſayd Conſtã|tine,Conanus as in the Britiſh hiſto|ries is mẽcio|ned, the ſame Conan was made king of Britayn in the yeare of our Lord .546.546. n the. 20. yere of ye emperor Iuſtinianus, & in the ..33. of the reigne of Childeberte king of the Frenchmen.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thys Aurelius Conanus (as is recorded by ſome writers) was of a noble hearte, free, and li|berall, but giuen muche to the mayntenaunce of ſtryfe and diſcorde amongſt his people, lyghte of credite, and namely had an open eare to re|ceiue and heare the reportes of ſuche as accuſed other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Moreouer, hee was noted of crueltie, as hee that tooke his vncle, who of righte ſhoulde haue bene kyng, and kepte hym in pryſon, and not ſo ſatiſfyed, ſlewe in tyrannous manner the two ſonnes of his ſayde vncle.Math. VVeſt. writeth that he reigned .30. yeares. But God woulde not ſuffer hym long to enioye the rule of the lande in ſuche vniuſt dealyng, for he dyed after he hadde reigned the ſpace of two yeares, and left a ſonne behynde hym called Vortiporus, which ſuccee|ded him in the kingdom, as authours do record.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Of this Aurelius Conanus Gildas writeth, cal|ling vnto him after he hath made an end with his predeceſſor Cõſtantin, in this wiſe, ſaying: And thou Lyons whelpe, as ſayeth the Prophet Au|relius Conanus what doeſt thou? arte thou not ſwallowed vp in the fylthie myre of murthering thy kinſemen, of committyng fornications and adulterers lyke to the other before mencioned, if not more deadlye? as it were wyth the wa|ues and ſurges of the drenching ſeas, ouerwhel|myng thee wyth hir vnmercyfull rage? Doeſt thou not in hating the peace of thy countrey as a deadly ſerpente, and thirſtyng after ciuill war|res and ſpoyles, (oftentymes vniuſtly gotten) ſhutte vp agaynſte thy ſoule, the gates of cele|ſtiall peace and refreſhement? Thou being lefte alone as a wytheryng tree in the myddle of the fielde, call to remembraunce, I praye thee, the vayne youthefull fantaſy and ouertymely death of thy fathers and thy bretherne: ſhalte thou be|ing ſette a parte, and choſen foorth of all thy ly|nage for thy godly deſertes, bee reſerued to [...]iue an hundred yeares, or remayne on earthe tyll thou bee as olde as Mathuſalem? No no.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 And after theſe reprehẽſions, with further thret|nyngs of Gods vengeaunce, he exhorteth him to amendemente of life, and ſo proceedeth to talke with Vortiporus, whome he nameth the kyng, or rather the tyraunt of Southwales, as after ſhall be reherſed.

5.71.1. The beginning of the kingdom of Brenitia.

The beginning of the kingdom of Brenitia.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 139] IN the yeare of oure Lord 547.Ida. which was about the firſte yeare of the reygne of Aurelius Conanus,547. H. Hunt. The kingdome of Brenitia be|ganne. the kingdom of Brenitia began vn|der a Saxon ruler there called Ida, the whiche deſcended of Woden, for where ye ſame Wo|den had three ſonnes, Weldecius, Withlegris, and Beldegius, of the firſte, the kings of Kente were lyneally ex|tracted: of the ſeconde the kings of Mertia: and of the thirde ſonne came the kings of Weſt ſax|on, and alſo of him was this Ida deſcended, be|ing the nynth in lineall ſucceſſion from the ſayd Beldicius and the tenth from Woden.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſame Ida was vndoubtedly a right no|ble perſonage, and chaunged fyrſt that dukedom into a kyngdome, where before that tyme the Saxons that ruled there, were ſubiectes vnto the kings of Kente. Whether he tooke vpon him of his owne accord to vſurpe the kingly title and royall authoritie, or whether that the ſame was giuen to hym by conſent of other, the certayntie EEBO page image 140 apeareth not. But ſure it is, that he beyng a worthie Prince, didde nothing degenerate from his noble aunceſtours inuincible in warre a|brode and at home, qualifying his kingly ſeueri|tie with a certayne naturall kinde of curteous humanitie. The boundes of his kingdome cal|led (as is ſaid) Brenitia, began in the ſouth at the riuer of Tyne, & ended in the North at the Forth in Scotland, in the Brytiſh tong called VVerd.

5.71.2. The kingdome of Deira beginneth.

The kingdome of Deira beginneth.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Ella. 561. The beginning of the kingdom of Deira. [figure appears here on page 140] ABoute the ſame time, or rather about 14. yeeres after (as Harryſon ſayth) one El|la a Saxon al|ſo reygned as king in Deira, whyche kyng|dome beganne at the ſaide ry|uer of Tyne in the North, and ended at the ri|uer of Hũber toward the ſouth. Theſe two king|domes were ſometime gouerned by two ſeuerall kings, and afterwards at other times they were ioyned in one, and gouerned by one onely king, and named the kingdome of Northumberland, the whiche in proces of tyme was muche enlar|ged, ſo that it included the ſhires of Yorke, No|tingham, Derby, Lancaſter, the Biſhoprike of Durham, Copland, and other countreys which lye betwixt the eaſt and the weſt ſeas euen vnto the ryuer of Merſee. The foreſayd Ella was ſon to Iffus, being deſcended from Woden,The riuer of Merſee. as the xij. in ſucceſſion from him, though not by righte lyne, as Will. Malmeſbury hath noted. Ida (as the ſame Malmeſbury dothe teſtifie) reigned .14. yeares.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 And Ella, which was ſucceſſour to Ida (as he ſayeth) reigned thirtie yeares, and right valiant|ly enlarged his kingdome.Mat. VVeſt But one author wri|teth howe Ida reigned but .xij. yeares, and that he buylded the Caſtell of Bambure, firſte fen|cing [figure appears here on page 140] it wyth pales, and after wyth a wall of ſtone.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 H. Hunt.The ſame Ida had by his wyfe ſixe ſonnes, begot in lawfull bedde, Ada, Ebric, Theodoric, Athelric,Mat. VVest. Oſmer, and Theofred. Moreouer he begat of certaine concubines (which he kept) ſixe baſta [...]de ſonnes, Oga, Aleric, Ettha, Oſbalde, Segor, and Segother. Theſe came altogether into this land, & arriued at Flemeſburk with for|tie ſhippes, as Matheus VVestmonasterienſis hath recorded.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The partition of the kingdome of Northum|berlande chaunced after the deceaſe of Ida, as the ſame Author ſignifieth: for Ada the ſonne of the foreſaid Ida, ſucceded his father in the kingdom of Bernitia, reignyng therein ſeuen yeares: and Ella the ſonne of Hiſtria, a moſt valiant Duke, began to gouerne Deira, as both the ſayd Mat. Weſtm. and other doe affirme.

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